Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Taking Photos of Chinese People Taking Photos of Chinese People: A Favorite Beijing Pastime

We're home!  Eek!  And now we're back to our regular blog posting... only about three months worth of travel to catch up on!  Enjoy!
Our five days in Beijing weren’t just about hiking the Great Wall, using the Great Toilet and lounging in the Great Bed (even if a lot of it was about that; hey, Vampire Diaries Season 1 isn’t going to watch itself).  We also spent a lot of time doing what Chinese people do best: taking photos of other Chinese people.  In our case, we took photos of Chinese people taking photos of other Chinese people.
I have to admit that I didn't see a camera trained on this guy, but man this is a hot pose.
He must be a supermodel.
Other Beijing activities?

1.  We ate duck.  Delicious Peking Duck.
The duck man at Dadong, hard at work carving up some crispy, yet lean, deliciousness
The finished product.
Peking duck accoutrement
2.  We visited the National Museum, the largest museum in the world.  Check out their security force!
There, we explored a completely unbiased (ha!) exhibit about China's history, and visited a special exhibition about Louis Vuitton.  It made for an interesting juxtaposition, to say the least.
The opening placard about The Road of Rejuvenation exhibit.
The Louis Vuitton exhibit, which featured custom-made trunks, was awesome.
A custom LV Barbie case! An LV champagne and caviar case! An LV trunk made to hold 40 pairs of shoes!
Something to aspire to.
It was a creatively-designed exhibit.
3.  We took some obligatory Tiananmen Square photos…
Double whassup!
4.  …and some obligatory street food photos, although after what we’ve seen in the past year, this street food was laughably sanitized.
There were definitely no matchy outfits at the market in Salavan Province.
Typically gross stuff was for sale
Helpfully labeled in English
A man with a meat stick
(That's what she said)
All in all, our visit to Beijing was relaxing.  We felt that we’d checked off all the sights during our last visit here in 2002 (not that we really remembered, but we love a good excuse for not sightseeing) and were free to lounge, wander around, and lounge some more.
I really can't get enough of those cheeks.

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