Monday, October 3, 2011

Plaid Around the World

Me, in plaid, all over the world.  Literally.
With only a small bag for a year's worth of travel you must choose your clothes, wisely.  Plaid, the name of my longs (long-sleeve shirt) has been with me since the beginning.  And as you can see, he's seen a lot.  In fact, all of our small collection of clothes have seen a lot.  Here are our thoughts on what we brought.

UPDATE: It seems that someone in Hollywood enjoys our blog (Howie Meltzer perhaps?).  In any event, Seth Rogen is on the plaid wagon, and specifically my plaid wagon.  Here he is in 50-50 wearing, none other than plaid.  My plaid.  Good choice Seth.
I was so excited when I saw plaid I whipped out my phone to capture his debut premiere.
Seriously, this is my photo.
NOTE: If you are going to purchase any of these items, we’ve also included a link to our Amazon store, which means you pay the exact Amazon price (not a penny more), but Amazon shares a little, tiny bit of the purchase price with us (not enough for a latte in Berlin, but more than enough for a noodle soup in Thailand).  Its win-win.
ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Boxer Brief
Not me.

The best underwear I have ever worn.  The only underwear I will ever wear.  These are amazing.  Buy them.  Replace all your unders with these.  Black makes the most sense to me, but you can get whatever color you want.
Reef Men's Fanning Flip Flop
Love these sandals.  Comfortable to walk in, quick-drying, the under-heel airbag cushioning, and a built-in bottle opener (if you dare to put the mouth of your beer into the bottom of your sandal, a dare I accepted perhaps too quickly after months of wearing these guys all over the world).
Experia by THORLO Merino Wool Multi-Sport Micro Mini-Crew Socks
These socks are designed for athletes, so I knew I needed them.  I knew we’d be doing a lot of walking, so a sock with lightweight ball and heel pads, to protect against shear and impact forces, was important.  I also knew we were chasing the summer, so its aerodynamic design that hugs the foot to allow for maximum breathability and its Polyester, Merino Wool , and Silk Fibers provided enhanced moisture management, ensuring consistent dry use. All in all I love these socks.  I have them in brown to match my Vasque sneaks.

There are assorted other socks - two pairs of warm hiking socks to ensure my cankles stay comfortable, but they are not notable in any other way.
Vasque Men's Mantra Hiking Shoe (wide).
Love these shoes.  I love them one thousand times.  I will forever look for Vasque shoes.
Banana Republic Men's Relaxed Light-Wash Indigo Jeans
Not me.
Because sometimes you gotta look nice…  My dressiest bottoms.

Update: With two large holes in the crotch, these jeans have been replaced by a much tighter, much slimmer, European style jean.  They are a far cry from the sweatpant coziness I enjoyed with my first jeans.  But, they just need a little time.
North Face Horizon Falls Convertible Pant
Definitely not me.
Not with those shoes...
These are my main bottoms.  I love them as both pants and shorts.  There are a few reasons I like them so much.  First, the pockets.  The left side pocket has a zip to keep my wallet (more) secure, and on each side is a narrow pocket that is perfect for an iPhone or point and shoot camera.  Second, they are quick drying.  Third, they have a partial elastic waistband, great for big meals!  I even had them in two colors: grey and green!
Lululemon Smash Jacket
Not me.

Lightweight performance jacket.  The zip chest pocket is nice in places where the people may not be (i.e. pickpockets)
Lululemon Response Short
Not me.
Zip side pocket.  Fast drying.  Built-in unders.
Speedo bathing suit (2)


Yup, I have a pair of tiny bathers that I bought in Thailand.  They don't see much action.  I also have a pair of speedo trunks.  They see much more action.
I know, I can hardly believe it myself.
T-shirts I have about 4 cotton t-shirts that look mediocre and dry really slowly.  I prefer not to wear these.
Short-sleeve button downs I have seen these fashionable items throughout the world and I must say I am a convert.  Cool in both temperature and style, I now have 4 of these shirts
Plaid My American Eagle plaid - purchased as a joke shirt on my 29th birthday when we went to the rodeo, seriously - must be my favorite longs to wear.  He is cozy, soft, warm (but not too warm), and supposedly quite handsome.  I wonder if I'll have to retire him once we get home.  And frame him, and hang him on our wall.
Marmot Precip Rain Jacket
This rain jacket has proven to be dependable, pretty warm (but not too warm), and most-importantly, quite waterproof.  It is small, light, and even stuffs into its own pocket.  Stuffed, it makes a pretty good pillow if, for example, you are sleeping on the desert.  Literally, sleeping on the desert.
Assorted odds and endsOver time we have bought a handful of hats, mittens, gloves, socks, cheap sweatshirts and other odds and ends, based on our needs at specific times.  This was always preferable to carrying around all clothes for all circumstances.  As is that would even be possible. 

And don't think J didn't get a plaid collage, she did!
We respect to her other clothes, they were all boring, made of cloth, and decidedly low tech.  Feel free to email her with any specific lady-clothes questions.

Next up: Our electronics.

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