Thursday, September 8, 2011

Angkor Thom's Shiny Happy Faces Laughing

Angkor Thom (literally: "Great City") was the last and most enduring capital city of the Khmer empire, you know, back when Cambodia was more of a donor nation than an aid recipient. Built in the late twelfth century by king Jayavarman VII the site is huge, with multiple temples, structures, entrance gates covering nearly 3.5 square miles.  The best part about Angkor Thom, however, are the giant smiling faces carved into each entrance to the city and throughout the Bayon temple's structures.  
The entrance gate greets you with a smile, or at least a mysterious smirk.
It is really cool.
Welcome to Angkor Thor
Yes my friends, welcome, welcome, welcome.
Crumbling towers with smirking partial faces 
Face after face after face.
I see a little Egyptian in him.
What do you think?
Now that's what Tyra would call smiling with your eyes/
Words can't do justice explaining Angkor Thom's size and scope.
And, of course, a couple devatas (guardian spirits) adorning its walls.
I picture all the faces singing, "Hold me closer tiny dancer."
Lauren, somewhat aggressively for a religious site, goes for a kiss (with tongue!) 
We pose like a couple of tourists
[JLM: Tourists who have taken the black!]
Lauren hits an appropriate mediative pose. 
And, of course, there were lots of great smaller carvings, raised walkways, and windowsills to lounge in.
Ellies!  Ridden by what appears to be dogs with giant ears!
How can you deny ancient inter-species love?  Impossible.
And topless ladies.
Again, how can you not love ancient topless lady statutes?
And Jesse.
How can you not love a living Jesse in an ancient temple?  Doubly impossible.
See you later Angkor Thom.

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