Thursday, August 11, 2011

Krabi Ain't Crappy

Railay Beach
On the ferry from Ko Phi Phi to Krabi we put on our sunglass, put in our headphones, and sat quietly like all the other hung-over twenty-somethings recovering from the previous night’s festivities. For us, however, this was mostly a ruse, as the virgin mango fruit shake we had shared required no recovery time the next day.

And this was good, because we were heading to the Krabi Sheraon Beach Resort for a week of long walks on the beach, massages on the beach, and enormous breakfast buffets, near the beach. We’d also spend a day at Railay, famous for its limestone rock-climbing (which we observed) and more spectacular beaches. The week was good. See for yourself.

Krabi Beach

Yoga on the beach
One of the two pools (on the beach)
$5 massages (next to the Sheraton) on the beach.
Look at the little towel she put over my unders for modesty's sake.
Flowers to keep the sand (from the beach) from blowing in our faces
And, of course, some sunsetters:

And, of course, some delicious thai food:

pork (duh) salad
And coconut water
Sunset dinners on the beach
Railay beach
En route, we checked out some local beaches.
J wore her stylish helmet.
Heading to Railay
The only way to reach the outcropping of land is by longtail boat (long tail not pictured)

The imposing limestone cliffs of Railay beach.
Railay is famous for its climbing.
And maybe also its monkeys.
Super cute monkey family we found on Railay
Hang on!
A little hand (tail?) hold.
What harm could come of this?
But look what it leads to!
View from the top of one of the limestone towers.
But Railay is known mostly for its beautiful beaches
And rightly so
"I can't believe how amazing these beaches are!"
Limestone outcroppings just off the beach.
I swam and climbed this one.
Actually, I didn't climb it, but I did swim to it.
Gorgeous sunsetter as we left Railay

You can find more of our Krabi photos here.


  1. I wish i could jump through my computer screen and go to Krabi! I would grab a baby monkey to take back with me

  2. awesome pics! i heard they have great crabs there....



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