Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jack talk thai. Jack talk thai food.

From north to soup, big city to small village, five-stars to carts on the street, we ate our way through Thailand, and loved every second(s) of it. The food was delicious. And cheap. And spicy, salty, and sour and sweet. And porky. (Thai people love pork as much as I do, an impressive feat no doubt).

And the fruit shakes.  Oh, they are to die for.  Sadly, I don't think I even have one photo of them because as soon as I held a frosty, fresh mango shake in my hand the only thing I could focus on was trying to drink slowly enough to avoid a brain freeze [JLM: freeze-ache, actually].

And the MSR!!!!  The mango sticky rice.  The juiciest, ripest mangos.  The glutinous, stickiest stick rice.  The sweetest thickest coconut milk.  How do I not have 1,000 photos of MSR?  Because I couldn't wait 1/60th of a second to take a photo before chowing down.

Oh, and did I mention that Thai people make fantastic coffee? Because they do.

But, of the foods I did photograph, here are some of our favorites.

No soup for you? Actually not. In Thailand there is always soup for you. Delicious clear-brothed pork noodle soup, creamy koi soi, dark beef soups, rich and spicy tom kha, and of course, hot and sour tom yum.  Please wait while I wipe the drool from my keyboard.
Shall we start it off with a pork noodle soup?
With a pork noodle crackling on top?
I think so.
And in round two we go for: pork noodle soup.  I could eat this every day of my life and be happy.
This is the (deservedly) famous Sukhotahi pork noodle soup. 
Beef noodle soup (for breakfast).
Made by a (thai) grandma, or some man under a grandma sign.
Tom yum.  Hot and spicy and delicious.
Soup with fried pork and liver.
And some more pork noodle soup.
We literally ate this one hour after the soup pictured above.
They were part of the chinatown food tour.
Time lapse soup photography (of sorts, and with weird green lighting).
Soups have a short life expectancy once they hit our table.
And we got... pork noodle soup.
Look at those thick, luscious noodles, and the extra pork bits.
Noodles & Rice
If its too hot for soup (though, its so good it should always be time for soup) thai noodle dishes are nothing to scoff at.
Pad Thai on the streets of Bangkok.  Cheap, delicious, and moderately clean.
As someone once asked, in Thailand do they call it Pad Thai, or just Pad?  Pad Thai.
Oooops, is that a pork noodle soup that snuck in here? That'll happen.
Well, without the broth, it's kinda like a noodle dish!
Chicken curry with rice.  Wonderful. 
Gotcha!  Looks like noodles, but it's actually a (refreshing and delicious) pomelo salad.
(Pomelo is like a grapefruit, only flakier)
And, while not a great photo, pad see ew was Jesse's favorite.
Pork & Chicken
Now we're talking.
My double-portion slow-cooked stewed pork leg over rice.
Best intro Jodi could have ever made.  Thanks Jodi!
Look at those legs.
They must work out.
He knew me.  He loved me.  And I loved him.
Fried chicken.
Over sticky rice.
Or over steamed rice.
(Look at the healthy chicken on the back of the plate.  B-O-R-I-N-G.  But actually really tasty.)
Seriously, the pork leg was soooooooooo good.
The broth is pure umami . You know, the fifth basic taste.
(The taste of amino acid L-glutamate & 5’-ribonucleotides such as guanosine monophosphate & inosine monophosphate.
Or as I think of it: a pleasant "brothy" & "meaty" taste with a long lasting, mouthwatering sensation over the tongue.)
Not that the grilled meats were slouchers.  They were also delicious.
Especially the pork meats.
One time I even healthed it up by putting my meat atop salad.
(J ate the greens.)
Fruit & Dessert
Sadly, no photos of MSR (mango sticky rice), the best desert in the whole wide world.  It is reason enough to go to thailand.  And to go there now (if its mango season).
Apples, green mangos, watermelons (yellow watermelons!) yum.
Purple mangosteens and rambutans.  Funnest fruit names ever.
[JLM: They are so cute, too.]
Corn & coconut pancakes.
Lovely lattes
Magnificent mochas.

And, on the off chance you tire of thai food, there were plenty of other options, such as:
Imported New Zealand beef.
Oh wait, that is from the decadent (and amazing, and 100% worth it) Le Meridien Chiang Mai Sunday buffet.
But there are cockraoches for sale.
Crispy?  Delicious?  I wouldn't know.
Or, even bigger cockroaches.
More crispy?  More delicious?  Still don't know.
The food alone is reason enough to visit Thailand.  It made each day a delight.  And some of our most favorite and delicious thai foods didn't even make it here (because I ate them too fast).  Sorry loyal readers.  In the future I promise to wait a few tenths of a second to take more food photography, but once you try one MSR you won't be able to blame me ... you'll be busily chomping away on ripe mango, sticky rice, and thick sweetened coconut milk.  


  1. I guess I'll be having thai food for lunch today. And dinner.

  2. This post just made me sooo hungry! Or maybe that's Stick Rice inside me crying out...


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