Thursday, August 18, 2011

Four Years

Last year we asked you where you thought we'd be for our four year wedding anniversary.  Only one person voted for "in a Mongolian yurt."  Congratulations!  You're the big winner!

Not our actual yurt.
It's true.  As this post goes live, we'll be on our way to a five-day adventure in the Gobi.  It all sounds very romantic, but I just found out that there are no bathrooms where we're headed.  We'll see how romantic it is when we haven't showered in five days and have been subsisting on a Mongolian diet of fermented mare's milk and boiled mutton.  Sexy.

By the way, according to various websites, the traditional four year anniversary gifts are fruits and flowers - neither of which grow here in Mongolia.  (Seriously, the Mongolian women sharing our carriage of the train from Beijing to Ulan-Bataar crammed two giant crates of fruit into our tiny cabin.  It smelled like a fruit market in there, which is not a good thing).  The "alternative" or "modern" or "US traditional" (depending on which website you read) gift is linen and silk.  Dave is super excited that he unknowingly took care of that one in Laos.

So raise a glass of airog, and toast to us staying happily married after over ten months of 24/7 togetherness!

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