Monday, August 22, 2011

Delicious Ellie Snacks

How to make banana balls:

1.  Peel thousands of bananas.  BEWARE the giant, evil spiders who like to hang around banana bunches.

2.  Smush the bananas with your hands until they achieve the consistency of baby food.  Why ENP had no tool to assist in the smushing, such as a potato masher or, oh, a SPOON, is beyond me.

3.  Dump in some cornmeal and rice flour.  Mush and mix.

4.  Dump in more cornmeal and rice flour.  Mush and mix.

5.  Dump in still more cornmeal and rice flour.  You really need a lot.

6.  When the desired consistency is achieved, form softball-sized balls of the banana mush.  Pack them firmly and gently pile them in a bin.  I'm not sure why you need to create balls since the mahouts will just grab handfuls of this stuff to shove in the ellies' mouths.  I think it comes under the heading of Create More Work for Volunteers, but what do I know.

7.  Beg a mahout to let you feed some banana ball to an ellie.  You bypass the trunk and place it directly in its mouth.  Eee!

(This a full banana, not a banana ball, but you get the point)


  1. someone tell this mahout he needs to floss

  2. Did you taste these banana balls? They kind of sound delicious (especially if you caramelized the nanners beforehand and added some brown sugar?)


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