Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Curds and Whey

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Bhaktapur, Nepal?  It's curd, isn't it!?
Gimme some curd!
Forgot the temples, the history, the charming cobblestone streets.  Bhaktapur is known for its famous Bhaktapur curd.
"Try our delicious famous Bhaktapur curd."

"Curd" sounds gross, but in reality it's just thick, creamy, not-to-sweet yogurt, similar to Greek yogurt.
Lunch curd.  Topped with cubed apples.
Snack curd.  Plain, simple and delicious. And served with a dixie cup stick!
Want to find the hottest, hippest, most happening curd joint in Bhaktapur?  Here's their sign:
"Actually, yes. We do make the most delicious curd in Bhaktapur."

Hundreds (ok, dozens) of Bhaktapurians agree:
Curd addicts getting their fix.

And so does Dave.  And you know he tried at least four different curds that day in an effort to find the best one.  This curd got extra points for being served in a traditional earthen bowl, rather than a plastic cup.

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