Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Birds and the Bees (and the Elephants, Camels and Hippos)

We were totally turned around.  Dave insisted on finding a small, nondescript little temple.  We searched high and low through alleys, courtyards and dirty streets.  And we weren't even inside the preserved, UNESCO designated World Heritage part of Bhaktapur.  So, what drives a man to desperately seek out one tiny temple when a full day of temple sight-seeing awaits him?  Obviously, naked pictures.

When we finally found our unassuming temple just outside the main Bhaktapur gates (after passing it a number of times) we were greeted by some of the dirtiest carvings we'd seen since my birthday.
That little guy?
I wouldn't worry about that little guy.
This photo taken before we circled the temple and saw the carvings.
The care-taker was somewhat cool and reserved.
Then we got to the good stuff.  I'm pretty certain that some of these are not anatomically correct, but they sure are creative!
Whoa.  That's gotta hurt.
A devilishly good time
Bleeeeat.  Bleeeeeeaaaaaaaaat!
Butt to butt?
Looks like they need a smoke.
By the time we finished the loop Dave and the caretaker (sporting a 76ers t-shirt!) shared some appropriately dirty jokes and gestures.  Fast friends it seems.
Watching the two of them re-enact some of the carvings was mildly amusing and slightly disturbing.
They were quite pleased with themselves.

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