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Weeks Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight Daily Journal

Week Twenty-Seven

Friday, April 1
Sukhothai, Thailand

We headed to the bus station early to take the 11:00 bus to Sukhothai, only to find out that all the buses were sold out until 1.  So we sat around the bus station for a while and then sat on the bus for 6 hours.  It was pretty comfortable though.  In Sukhothai we checked into our guesthouse, At Home Sukhothai, another traditional teak house in New Sukhothai, owned by a friendly older couple.  We walked down to the market and ended up having dinner in a little characterless restaurant with good soup.

Saturday, April 2
Sukhothai, Thailand

We rented a motorbike - the Green Machine - and scooted to Old Sukhothai and Sukhothai National Park.  (See post, Oh My Buddha!)  On the way we stopped to try some famous Sukhothai noodles, which were delicious.  It was the birthday of one of the princesses so the park fees to see the ruins were waived - woo!  We spent the rest of the day scooting around and visiting the ruins, with a lunch break, a massage break (for Dave) and an Internet break.  That night was a special sound and light show that we didn't want to spring for, so we hung around after dark and watched it from across the lake for a little bit.  From what we saw, we were glad we hadn't paid for it.  We went to the bus station to buy our tickets for the next day, returned the bike and had soup from a cart for dinner.

Sunday, April 3
Chiang Mai, Thailand

This 5 hour bus ride was way worse than the last one- the seats were 3x2 instead of 2x2 and the a/c was broken.  We eventually got to Chiang Mai, dropped our stuff at MD House, got some food at The Wall and a delicious coffee at Hopf (and great wifi!).  Then we went to the Sunday Night Market.

Monday, April 4
Chiang Mai, Thailand

We rented a motorbike from Mr. Beer and spent the day scooting, browsing at Pantip Plaza, the computer mall and drinking coffee.  We had dinner at Chiang Mai Gate- our first taste of the roast pork we would eat almost every day.

Tuesday, April 5
Chiang Mai, Thailand

We went to yoga in the morning at NAMO with Vari and then had lunch with two of the girls we met in yoga.  We tried the northern Thai dish Khao Soi, which was so good.  That night we had dinner at D Lo, a Burmese restaurant, with the group of expats who call themselves Team Chiang Mai.

Wednesday, April 6
Chiang Mai, Thailand

We went to Poncho's yoga class in the morning and then to Freebird Cafe (a non-profit that supports Burmese refugees) with a bunch of people.  We spent most of the afternoon there, checked out Eydi's hotel, and then moved to the Le Meridian.  They upgraded us to a giant suite!!!!

Thursday, April 7
Chiang Mai, Thailand

We went to Akha Ama Coffee in the morning and then to a local place around the corner for lunch.  Then we spent the afternoon by the pool and in the gym.  We met Eydi and Mathias for dinner at Dada and then checked out the night market right near our hotel.

Week Twenty-Eight

Friday, April 8
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Morning yoga with Poncho and then lunch with a big group at the Freebird Cafe.  We went to Hopf for some coffee and Internet and then later met up with a bunch of people at the Chiang Mai Music Festival.  The acts were pretty bad; one group sang all "easy listening" songs such as those from Titanic and the Bodyguard.  There was also a group of about 14 guys from Holland, dressed in identical yellow polo shirts, called the Bigger Jigger Band.  We had fun though and then afterwards we all went to Monkey Bar.  We rounded out the night with a soup from the night market.

Saturday, April 9
Chiang Mai, Thailand

We met Jodi, Shannon and Tracy for lunch at a veg restaurant and then went back to the hotel to sit by the pool and hit the gym. We had some quick street food snacks for dinner and then met Eydi at the Saturday night market before all heading over to the UN Irish Pub.  We went to Zoe Bar next and then back to our pork man before heading home.

Sunday, April 10
Chiang Mai, Thailand

We had a mediocre brunch at Art Cafe, to Akha Ama for coffee, and later to acro-yoga in the park where Poncho taught us to fly!  Then we met up with Team Chiang Mai for BBQ pork and massages at the night market.

Monday, April 11
Chiang Mai, Thailand

D went to yoga (I wasn't feeling well) and then we had lunch at Dada Kafe.  We went out water fighting with Eydi, Poncho and Guy.  We met up with Maggie back at Dada and had fun with the ladyboys at the bar across the street.  So fun and exhausting!  We ordered Pizza 
Hut for dinner!

Tuesday, April 12
Chiang Mai, Thailand

We switched to MD House, which was so sad. I took a taxi so our stuff wouldn't get wet, while Dave rode the bike and got soaked.  J holed up in the hotel and D went out with Micah and Christine and then got dinner at Chiang Mai Gate.

Wednesday, April 13
Chiang Mai, Thailand

We did yoga with Poncho in the morning and then had the slowest lunch ever at Wee's.  Eventually we made it over to Hopf

Thursday, April 14
Chiang Mai, Thailand

We met Team Chiang Mai Songkran at Chiang Mai Gate and then water fought our way down the moat.  Dave ducked into a restaurant to buy a beer.  It turned out the place was closed but the owner invited us in and we and Mathias spent the day with her extended family - but mostly with her brother, Papa, a policeman and his family- Mama, Fonfi and Amma, and also cousin New.  They fed us food and poured us endless drinks and we Songkran'ed with all their Thai friends.  Papa promised Mathias his daughters hand in marriage and gave him his hawaiin shirt.  Dinner that night with Mathias and Poncho.

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