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Weeks Twenty-Nine, Thirty and Thirty-One Daily Journal

Week Twenty-Nine

Friday, April 15
Chiang Mai, Thailand

After lunch we found ourselves at a huge parade leading to Tapae Gate.  We had fun taking photos, watching water get thrown on the paraders, and fighting with two small boys.  Then we met up at Wild Rose and headed out with the yoga peeps.  We spent the next few hours playing in the water, notably at Tapae Gate where the (disgusting brown) water was three inches deep in the street, with hundreds of people dancing to the Air Asia/CocaCola DJ.  Later we did a yoga class with Poncho and then an awesome sauna and scrub (which was a delicious edible chocolate-based scrub).  Dave stayed out afterwards and went to a club!

Saturday, April 16
Chiang Mai, Thailand

We finally checked out Chocolate Fact today, which had delicious dark chocolate lattes that went exceptionally well with the fried chicken and sticky rice we had bought at Chiang Mai Gate daytime market.  We went to a Japanese place near CMU for dinner ("we don't have sushi today, but you can have sashimi salad"- odd.  But delicious salad) and then out to a club with Mathias, his new Thai girlfriend and two of her friends

Sunday, April 17
Chiang Mai, Thailand

We went to a famous Khao Soi place for lunch and spent some time getting our laundry, sorting through our clothes and organizing.  We met up with the Wild Rose people at Kanchana, then went to Jodi and Shannon's house, then for foot massages with Maggie at the Sunday Night market.

Monday, April 18
Chiang Mai, Thailand

We went to the post office in the morning to send a package home and then to yoga at NAMO.  We got shakes and lunch at Blue Diamond, then back to the hotel to pack up.  Dave bought BeeCee, our new camera (RIP).  We said goodbye to our friends at the bike rental place (they hope we come back next year with a baby) and headed to the airport.  The flight to Bangkok was uneventful, as was our airport hotel.

Tuesday, April 19
Kathmandu, Nepal

Back to the airport for our morning flight to Kathmandu.  The happiest moment of the day was when I discovered goldfish crackers for sale at Black Canyon Coffee in the Bangkok airport.  I bought two delicious, expensive bags.  Our arrival in Kathmandu was not so great.  It was raining, the taxi touts were pushy, we discovered nationwide energy cuts were in effect, so that there was no power the entire time we were in Kathmandu.  Also, the guesthouse we had booked didn't have a room for us because the people who were supposed to check out were violently ill.  The guesthouse was apologetic and put us in a place next door which was kind of gross and the toilet wouldn't flush because there was no power and thus no water.  I was not in a good mood and I lay in bed and watched movies on paddy and ate goldfish for dinner while Dave took care of some business.

Wednesday, April 20
Pokhara, Nepal

The adorable owner of the guesthouse we didn't stay at walked us to the bus station to catch our Blue Sky Bus to Pokhara.  Bus travel in Nepal is the worst we've experienced- the roads are horrible and the buses are old, dirty and crappy.  7-8 hours later we arrived in Pokhara and checked into the lovely North Face Inn.  The owner, Raju, started as a porter, became a guide, and eventually worked his way up to guesthouse proprietor.  We met up with Kate and Charles and Sarah and Ted and went out to dinner at the Rice Bowl.

Thursday, April 21
Pokhara, Nepal

After breakfast at the Perky Bean, we met our guide for the next 11 days, Shiba and went over the trekking plans.  Then we visited a North Face knockoff shop ("Pokhara Face") to get some warm gear.  We spent the afternoon/evening hanging out on the hotel roof.  (See post, Return of the Supertrek).

Week 30

Friday, April 22 - Thursday, April 28

Annapurna Circuit

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Week 31

Friday, April 29 - Monday, May 2
Annapurna Circuit

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Tuesday, May 3
Pokhara, Nepal

We took care of business today, getting laundry done, internetting, etc., and went over to Shiba's house for dinner.  We met his family, looked at photos and ate a delicious dal baht.

Wednesday, May 4
Pokhara, Nepal

We spent the day in the usual way, and met up with Shiba at his brother-in-laws store to do some shopping.  That night was MomoFest 2011 (a holiday that we created), where we sampled momos from Local Momo Restaurant (buffalo steamed v fried), Momo House (steamed veg, fried chicken,steamed potato cheese) and Funky Salsa (steamed v fried chicken, steamed v fried veg).  The evening was a success but we all felt sick after, not surprisingly. (See post, MomoFest 2011).

Thursday, May 5
Pokhara, Nepal

We hiked up to the Peace Pagoda.  We took a boat across the lake, and then did the steep 40m hike up to the pagoda. We checked it out for a while and then hiked back the long way, ending up at the dam. (See post, World Peace Please). We had cheese and crackers and wine on the roof and then celebrated Cinco de Mayo with Mexican and Indian food at Davids, the restaurant down the road from the North Face Inn.

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