Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Head in the Clouds

There are times when you overlook a country's lack of safety regulations because something is really, really cheap.  One example is almost every bus ride we've taken since we left Argentina.  Another example is eating street food in India.  In Nepal, that thing is paragliding.
That's me!
Pokhara is known as one of the best paragliding spots in the world (at least, according to the people who run the paragliding shops in Pokhara).  Something about the way the lake is surrounded by mountains, and thermal vectors and airstreams, blah blah blah.  All we knew is, paragliding sure was cheap here!  So we plunked down a credit card (so that if anything happened, Dave could call American Express customer service from his hospital bed), strapped ourselves to some British guys (who claimed they represented UK safety standards) and leaped off the side of a mountain.  Wheee!
The preparations begin
Harnessed up and ready to roll/fly
Jesse takes flight!
Foreground: Dave's chute. Background: Jesse's chute.
Woah.  We were high.
My pilot was also a certified massage therapist (trained at Wat Pho, my favorite massage place in Bangkok!)
I was sad to not have received an in-flight massage, but relieved that he did not remove his hands from the steering apparatus.
While my pilot and I were chatting about our lives, Dave and his pilot were discussing food (obviously).
Dave's pilot told him about "a great steak place" in Pokhara, where "they cook it nice and well-done."
Needless to say, we did not rush to check it out.
Yet another scenic shot
The beautiful lake from above
If you go: We went paragliding with Frontiers Paragliding, but all the places are the same price and seem about the same.  The people at Frontiers were very nice and made us feel very safe, so that's always a good thing when it comes to jumping off mountains.


  1. What an experience in paragliding men. Look at the view, it is so magnificent. I wish i could do paragliding here.


  2. it is so magnificent. i want to suggest you a world famous paragliding site in Himachal Pradesh bir billing kangra.
    Billing is 14Km or an hours rough jeep-taxi or van ride from Bir. The starting point is in front of Cape Amaho in the Chaughan Tibetan colony at around 10 am every morning during the season.
    Air: Kangra has its own domestic airport at Guggal, which is 7km away from Kangra town and about 40 km from Palampur. There are straight flights from Delhi to Guggal.
    Rail : Pathankot is the nearest railhead. There is an overnight train from Delhi to Pathankot. From Pathankot Palampur is connected by narrow guage railway. One can also take a bus or taxi to Bir from Pathankot. more info visit following link on top..


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