Friday, July 1, 2011

Dry Chiang Mai

Our ten favorite non-Songkran things to do in Chiang Mai:

1.  Scoot scoot scoot!

2.  Eat street food at Chiang Mai Gate
Pineapple on a stick
Spicy noodle soup
Roast pork man
3.  Check out the Sunday Night Walking Street

Streets closed to cars,
and lined with food and souveniers
Street performer in tribal dress
Bootied pup for adoption
And it's hard to beat those $4/hour foot massages!
4.  Say wat?

5.  Coffee-shop hop
Outside Akha Ama Coffee

Dark chocolate mocha at Chocolate Fact

A latte at Hopf
6.  Enjoy mediocre live entertainment
I believe they were playing the Titanic theme song
The Bigger Jigger Band, straight from Holland
Synchronized boy band moves
Eydi hangs with the band
7.  Hit the clubs
Fun times as the only tourists at Monkey Bar
8.  Yoga around town
We normally stuck with
classes at NAMO or Wild Rose
But we were willing to give
acro yoga with Poncho a try
9.  Give alms

10.  Volunteer at Elephant Nature Park

We didn't do this until our second visit to Chiang Mai, months later... but here's a preview!

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