Thursday, July 7, 2011

Actually, Not. We'll pass on the optional afternoon hike in the middle of a 90 mile trek. (Annapurna Circuit, Day Four)

The view from the Upper Pisang path
Date: April 25, 2011
FinishLower Pisang, Manang
Distance:  18 km
Elevation:  3200 m (climb 530 meters)
Ted & Sarah
Charles & Kate
Team photos.
The size of the photo indicates the relative good-lookingness of the couple.
Obviously, the larger the photo, the better looking the subjects.

Like the days before and the days to come, today we walked.  We saw more porters carrying more ridiculous loads.  As we headed further into the mountains the Marshyangdi cut a windier and narrower path.  It was incredibly beautiful.  We also saw Chuclong Himalayan eagles for the first time.  Go Birds!

JDMesh, looking like a couple of oldey-time trekkers

Chuclong Himalayan eagle

We took lunch in Dukur Pokhari, Pisang at the Tibet Restaurant and Bakery Café.  After a short hour’s walk we arrived at the slapdash Monalisa Hotel in Lower Pisang.  (I love a one hour walk after lunch.)
Lunch at the Tibet Restaurant.  Like all restaurants on the trek, it served Nepali food. 
A fiesty young Nepali girl.
She'd offer us her cup, and then snatch it back as we went to take it from her.
Newly built.  They had not yet installed any insulation.
Nearby, but nearly 500 vertical feet higher, Upper Pisang had a lovely monastery and other things to see.  The entire group started the walk.  About 50 feet vertical up, two of us turned back.  OK, it was me and Jesse.  And it was glorious.  We lounged in the sun, watched some Nepali satellite TV with the porters, went to the outhouse to shower, and just relaxed until the others returned.  It was an early evening after another good day.
JDMesh in retreat.
Here I am in Ted & Sarah's large Drylite towel.
My and Jesse's washcloth-sized one would have made for a funnier (and racier) photo,
but certainly offended the nearby local Nepali ladies.

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