Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm On a Boat, an Alleppey Houseboat!

The name of this post is a tribute to my second favorite SNL short: I'm On A Boat (ft. T-Pain).

Our day on the actual houseboat was great.  With good company, a cold case of large Kingfishers, and a perfect sunny day, everything was shaping up nicely for our day on the backwaters.  And with his odd giggle (that reappeared at totally bizarre times) our captain Joseph began our journey.

As you’d expect the day was filled with beer, food, and watching the Indian countryside pass us by.

Our day (in order or importance) went like this:

No Shirt.  No Shoes.  No Hair.
No problem in India.
What?  My arms, no big deal.

Hey!  Where are our beers?!?

As I always say, "Nothing like a case of cold Kingfisher to start a day on the Alleppey backwaters."  Actually, Maggie never said that, but she should have.


As you'd expect, it was a feast.
Also, those are the freshest banana leaf plates/placemats I'd ever eaten off of.
They were cut just moments before the food was served.
As such, they may not have been the cleanest plate/place-mat I'd ever eaten off of.
Oh, hello.

Tough day for the whole fish family...

One fish, many unidentified curry mushes, rice, and no utensils.  Fun.


But Maggie (the lady you don't recognize in the photos) summed up the most interesting part of the tour quite well.  In her cleverly named blog post "OMG," she wrote:

Forget Bethlehem.

A houseboat trip [with three awesome new friends] through the Indian backwaters of Alleppey brought me to the real birthplace of Jesus — where saints are crafted and God is created.

The St. Thomas Statuary, of course.
      - Maggie Downs, "OMG," GirlVentures (emphasis mine).
Our pictures look, of course, just like her pictures.

While no one bought a life-sized, or larger than life-sized, hand-carved wooden Jesus (though the smart money was on Russ) we did end up with a hand-carved elephant and very cool wooden bowl.

Switen, the owner of CoCo Houseboats, was a good guy, and Joseph a good captain.  The boat was clean, the food good, and the prices reasonable.  There are cheaper boats, but they looked it.  One thing to consider is that our houseboat ‘s main sitting area had fairly upright dining-room table style chairs.  Next time (yeah right) I'd look for more comfortable lounge chairs on the front deck.  But it didn’t matter much, we just laid our on the sun beds.

We paid 8000 INR ($154.70) for a four person houseboat including food (but not drinks) without AC.

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