Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Help Us Name the Newest Member of Our Family!!!

No, don't get so excited - it's just our new camera.

We like to name our stuff, especially our electronics.  It serves as an easy shorthand and also a theft-deterring device when we can say "Hand me Fatty D" instead of "Hand me our really expensive stealable Nikon D90 camera," or "Where's Paddy?" rather than "Where's our flashy iPad?"
Fatty D
(not to be confused with his predecessor, the svelte Flaco D (a Nikon D60))
So, when our beloved point-and-shoot Clemmy met his untimely demise during the crazy waterfights of Songkran (despite, I may add, Panasonic's claims of waterproofness), we set out to find his replacement.
Clemmy ("the Clemster"), so named for his clementine-like color
May you rest in peace
Look at all that water on the lens.  Death is imminent.
But it was so worth it.
BC, our first replacement purchase, just couldn't stand up to the rigors of island living and developed a nasty sand infection in his lens that would cost us almost as much to fix as it had to buy BC in the first place.
BC (short for Blue Camera, duh, Big Camera, the store we bought him in, or his current name, Busted Camera)
He couldn't handle our active lifestyle

So, with a visit from Lauren Glaser imminent (yay! can't wait!) we eagerly ordered our newest camera.  And while nothing can ever really replace Clemmy, maybe an even better version of Clemmy, with GPS, actually could.

Wow.  Now that is a handsome, rugged camera.
 Glaser (with our camera) arrives in just a few short days.  So we need your help!

** Note: If you vote "other," please write your choice in the comments!  It doesn't show up in the poll results for some reason. 


  1. I'd like to submit the name Ketchup.

  2. @Maggie - imagine the confusion when I'm not sure where the camera is and say, "wait, Jesse, do you have ketchup?!?"

  3. Old Jesse would say, "ewwwww, ketchup!" New Jesse says, "Why? Are there fries!?!"

  4. I say the LG - Lumix by Glaser or LDG - Lumix Delivered by Glaser....or just plain old Glazey :)
    wow..this anonymous poster is really self-centered.

  5. How about: ginger ninja, big red, rosebud, or weasley (harry potter)?

  6. I hope Dave wrote a letter so that you can call her Freebie! Dan

  7. Glaser - I'll name my first-born child after you as thanks for bringing me my precious cetaphil!

    Russ - I'm into Rosebud... Weasley gives me the creeps.

    Dan - You may have just inspired a post called Refunds I Have Finagled During My Travels. It will an epic.

  8. I re-post Brian's comment here, which he put in the poll somehow.

    Brian - 3 hours ago
    I vote Fatty G, despite that fact that it is a D90. It continues the tradition of previous names and has special meaning, as in "what's the situation with this Fatty G email?" Email account was hacked - indeed.

  9. I second the "Ginger" name section!

  10. sue - 8 hours ago

    in the jewish tradition, we name after someone whose dead. i vote for clemmy d , as in clemmy dead. otherwise, if my write-in candidate is not accepted i think remy is short and sweet and if you don't use it for your camera, i even like it for a girl's name in the future.
    (or a dog)

  11. The Red, His Redness, Rederino (if you are not into the whole brevity thing).

    - Danny


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