Thursday, June 16, 2011

Foods of India

No Very few animals were killed in the making of this post.
The best saag paneer and chana masala we had in India.
This dream-team duo was Pappu's recommendation at a Rajasthan roadside restaurant.
It was so good, we stopped at this place twice.
My favorite part of India was the food.  Delicious and super-cheap, I always looked forward to meal time (but when don't I look forward to meal time?).  Remarkably, during the six weeks we travelled through India I would say I was 90% vegetarian.  And I liked it.  Frankly, the vegetables were fresher, better prepared, and simply tastier than the meat dishes.  Though, I must admit a few chickens gave their lives so they could be turned into delicious tikka or tikka masala...

Here are some of our favorite dishes:

Delicious veg jalfrazi
An indian feast in Goa
Fantastic tomato fry
[JLM: I still dream of it]
More wonderful chana masala.  Just look at that gravy!
Indians love their rice
Biryani - a rice based dish made with spices, veg, and meat.  We usually went veg.
And the naan.  Glorious, buttery, garlic naan.
And no discussion of Indian food
could be complete without mention of
 the samosa. My most favorite stuffed,
fried pastry. Or wait, is it the empanada. Or the dumpling?
 Impossible to decide.
Spiced chai for breakfast.
Sweet and spicy, rich and creamy
it was always delicious
And Dominos?
Good as Indian food is, sometimes
you just need a break.  A delicious,
cheesy pizza break.
Roadside breakfast.
Aloo paratha (bread stuffed with spiced potato) with pickles.  Yum.
Its hard to keep to the low-carb diet with this type of indian breakfast

The best breakfast in all India. My loyal readers already knew that.
Spices, potatoes, and fried bits for sale
Walls of spices
(Because I bought some, I hope
the salesgirl's promise that they last for years is true)
Amazing nuts from
Munnar in southern India

Does it make you smarter?
Does it make brain taste better?
Sometimes in India you just don't ask.
The thali, an unlimited plate of unknown, but delicious, Indian mushes.
The proper way to eat a thali.
Look Ma!  Hands-only!
And while beef may be off limits, fish is not.
Here is a tuna just sitting in the sun.  Yum.
Take your pick of improperly
stored seafood.  Can you say
food poisoning?
It seemed like a lot of fish
for me, J and Russ (even if he was doing two-a-days)
But small fishes grilled up nicely
on our banana-leaf thalis
GOD! Whoa, what are YOU doing here?  We ate God in India?
Actually not.  This is delicious beef from Argentina.
And as good as the Indian food was, its a real shame that they all
miss out on the wonderfulness of a perfectly cooked rare steak.
But there was lots of fruit.
Cheap and delicious fruit.
So long as we could peel it.
Or drink its sweet sweet water.
Oh how I miss the $0.20 young coconut.
Just a typical $1-2 meal.
Delicious, filling, and pretty healthy (if you are not scared of lots and lots of oil.  And ghee).
Even the food on the trains wasn't so bad.
OK, it was bad, but after long delays and no snacks, even egg biryani from the train can taste good.
[JLM: Wrong.  It does not taste good.]
Hmmmm, on second thought, eating that train veg-biryani may not have been the smartest move.
It seems India Rail may not follow the most demanding set of food-safety standards.
And one more respite from the frenzy of India.
The McVeg was pretty good.
It was no surprise to me.
And last, but not least:

The birthday cake the Trident hotel delivered to us for Ms. Jesse Meshkov's 30th birthday.
It seemed that they were quite anxious to give Jesse her present.  We walked to our room in a bit of a convoy: First me and Jesse, next one bellman with Twinny Brown and another bellman with Twinny Orange, and last was an unexplained chef pushing a cart with a silver-domed plate.  As soon as the whole entourage entered the room, the chef asked to present the madam with a special gift from the hotel.  Voila!  A delicious chocolate cake.

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  1. Was the tomato fry from a place in Munnar? Because I think I had the same one. It was amazing.

    Also love the photo strip of Jesse eating a thali.


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