Monday, June 13, 2011

Faces of India

India bristles with life.  And I loved photographing every second it.  From the cows' indomitable right-of-way, to the small chickens, goats, and lamb on public transportation, India never ceased to amaze.  But nothing was better than meeting and photographing regular people.  Trying to capture their saris, their faces, and the Indian way life was a joy every day.

Simply gorgeous saris.

How can you deny this tiny dancer?

Such mischievous eyes.  We spoke for about 5 minutes, her in Hindi and me in English.
I have no idea what she said, but she sure thought it was funny.
[JLM: Probably something about a Kashmeri Boy going to the Savitri Temple with a white lady]

A rainbow of colors

The haunting eyes of a caretaker at Jagdish Mandir
The painted face of a Kathakali performer
Some gents start their day with a toothbrush, some with a cigarette.
An Alleppey fisherman catching a ride on the back of our houseboat
Turban and stash.
The making of any handsome northern Indian man.
Turban and stash 2.
He reflects the colors of the Jaisalmer desert.

Old joy

Young joy.
When I showed her this photo on the camera screen she didn't believe it was her.  Though she buried her head in her dad's shoulder she couldn't help but to keep stealing glances back at the screen.

Could he be any happier?
I think he saw the jealously in my eyes
and was sad I didn't have one

You can't deny the ultimate cuteness of a kholed (coaled?) eye.

I don't know who wanted this guys photo taken more, him or his mom.

A friend we met in Munnar, she taught us how to pick tea for the Tata corporation.
We are slow tea pickers.  Very very too slow.
While this gent looks deep in thought, he is actually contemplating the
"up-high high-five, down-low, too slow" move that I had just flawless executed on him.

A woman rests in Agra Fort.
A stunning view of the Taj Mahal is just outside the window.
This man made delicious aloo parathas (an Indian flat-bread stuffed with spiced-potato) for breakfast.
Fruit vendor
Sitar player

A serious young man.  With a serious camera.
An unserious young man. 
With serious dance moves. 
And seriously, no pants.
Our favorite face of India: Pappu.

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