Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week Twenty-Three Daily Journal

Friday, March 4
Goa, India

The boys did a workout on our patio

I got sick today :( and everyone hung out at the hotel.  Russ went to the casino at night and Jenn and Erica went out to a bar where - small world! - Erica ran into an old real estate broker she'd used.  An Indian doctor made us a house call for only $10 and told me he'd already treated over a hundred people with my very symptoms that year.  Great.

Saturday, March 5
Goa, India

I still can't decide which hit song I like better:
"Girl You're Mine" or "Shh, Pappa's Sleeping"

I still wasn't feeling well so stayed at the hotel.  Everyone else went up to Aswen beach to the north and had a long lunch at La Plage.  That night we had dinner at the hotel and then watched Housefull (a wacky Indian musical comedy).

Sunday, March 6
Goa, India

(With Thomas, the owner of Hacienda de Goa)

Russ, Jenn and Erica left :( to go to Jaipur, and we stayed at the hotel again all day to recover.

Monday, March 7
Goa, India

Scoot scoot scoot!

I woke up feeling healed!  We rented a scooter from Yogesh (our taxi driver) and it was life-changing!  We scooted ourselves all the way to dinner at Mezcal, a pretty good Mexican restaurant (although maybe not the best choice for my first real meal, after days of toast and plain white rice).

Tuesday, March 8
Goa, India

We checked out most of the northern beaches today on the scooter, and had lunch at La Plage.  We went to Ganesh Juice Bar, dropped off laundry, and had dinner at the hotel.

Wednesday, March 9
Goa, India

We drove all over the place in the morning, looking for Brahmani Yoga, but we couldn't find it.  We had a healthy breakfast at Blue Tao.  Finally we found the studio but it was too late to take a class, ugh.  We scooted around the rest of the day until Russ came back from Mumbai, and then we all had dinner at Xavier, pretty good Indian food.

Thursday, March 10
Goa, India

Dave and Russ scooted over to the Thivim train station to buy train tickets, since the entire India rail online reservation system was down and we couldn't buy tickets any other way, even though we'd been trying for days.  Thankfully they were successful, and we can finally get out of Goa!  Much as we're enjoying it here, it's time to leave.  We had dinner at La Cantina.

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