Thursday, May 12, 2011

Two Ladies One Gent

A thirtieth birthday is a biggie.  For Dave's thirtieth, we visited the iconic Egyptian pyramids.  For my thirtieth, we we visited a temple covered in intricate carvings.  Carvings of people doing it.  In lots of different ways.

We were a few hours into the seven hour drive from Pushkar to Udaipur when Pappu pulled over and told us to get out and go look at a 7th century Jain temple.  We were the only people there, and we hired the elderly caretaker to show us around.

 Every inch of the temple, inside and out, was carved with amazing attention to detail.

The tour started off pretty tame. "Elephant kill gent," our guide explained.
His English wasn't so great, but we smiled and nodded as he pointed emphatically to some more carvings and rambled on about something in an unintelligible mix of Hindi and English.

We needn't have worried. Before long, we were taken through a series of carvings that needed no explanation:

"Two ladies, one gent..."

The person in the center rightly appears to be thinking, "Oh my!"

"One gent, one lady; many gents watch..."

And finally, "Many gents, many ladies."

I may have been turning 30 years old, but I sure was learning something new every day.

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