Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Juice Is Loose

No morning in Goa was complete without a visit to the Gannesh Juice Bar.  It was the place to be: Aging hippies found raw vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants; All-night partiers in leather-chaps and vests (men) and their dates in tight, short skirts, recovered with (fat) joints and avocado shakes; Aging Indians sold trinkets, tapestries, and psychedelic 3-D posters; And everyone else came to drink their delicious (and cheap) juices and do what is surely some of the best people watching on all of India’s west coast.

His chaps and vest are on his hog (sadly, not pictured).
It's a perfect casual juice-breakfast dress.
Hello Sir!  You like?  You buy?
Jesse, overwhelmed by the people watching
and eavesdropping opportunities.
We fit squarely into that last category.  (Though with the slightly rattier clothes and a bunch of crap no one wanted, I likely could pass for the third category.  There is no way we could fall into the first or second categories.  This is a good thing.)

The juices were fantastic.  Fresh fruit, the right amount of sugar, sometimes a little milk, these were dreamy.  Ranging between 40 cents and a dollar twenty (for fresh strawberry juice) one might consider drinking more than just one. 

Pineapple.  So good.
In fact, one might consider trying three delightful juices.

Or four.

Watermelon, avocado shake, pineapple, orange

Or, would you believe, five.

We actually ordered eight, but as you would expect from any respectable Indian shop, the orders came out without any rhyme or reason.  As we’d come to learn, however, you don’t question India.  You just accept it.

With five beverages on the table I was no longer able to keep Russ & Jesse at bay.  They dove in, ruining my dream of a rainbow of juices, and in the scramble that followed we all got slight freezeaches (brain-freeze?) and perhaps more than slight stomachaches.  But I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

and we’re done.
Jesse samples the avocado shake.


  1. Wow this is great. Gannesh should hire you and Jesse for marketing & promotion.

  2. @Dan - And we'd do it for payment in juice!


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