Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Buy Buy Buy Buy Beaches

Ahhhh... the beaches of northern Goa.  White sand, polluted water, cows, Russian tourists and relentless  vendors.  Nice for an afternoon or two, but thank god our hotel had a pool!

Because of an unfortunate attack of Delhi Belly, we ended up staying an unexpected ten days in Goa - hanging at the pool, chilling on the beach, scooting around on our motorbike, attending yoga classes and laying on the bathroom floor feeling like I was going to die.

Our area of northern Goa - Vagatore, Anjuna, Baga, Ashwem - was a weird place, a heady mix of Indian families going about their lives, pale European package tourists roasting in the sun, holdovers from Goa's legendary (and mostly defunct) trance scene, and, um, us.  I wouldn't recommend Goa as a fabulous stand-alone beach vacation, but it made for an interesting and much-needed break from, well, the more Indian part of India.

Enjoy some of our favorite photos from Goa below and in the next few posts (and rest assured that none of the photos document my illness, from which I am fully recovered).

The barefoot stakes are raised when you have to watch out for cow shit
"C'mon man, you're right in my sun!"
Just relaxing on the beach, enjoying a icy Kingfisher...
... and within three seconds, we are surrounding by people trying to sell us stuff.
"Sarong. Dress. Drum. Pedicure. Henna. Braiding. Threading. Waxing. Bracelet. Earring. Hashish. Nail art. You buy!!!!"
The vendors were persistent, but at least they were fun to talk to.  For a while at least.
Everyone remembered Russ as the big spender at the weekly night market.  "You buy more now. Yes please."
Sagging beach volleyball nets provided a welcome break from lazing about.
There's always good people-watching in India.

We enjoyed long walks along the beach
Brightly colored fishing boats often blocked the way
The beach emptied of people and vendors at sunset, which was just fine by us.
A pup out for an evening stroll

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