Monday, April 4, 2011

London Calling

Munich is 3,673 miles from New Delhi.  London is 4,190 miles from New Delhi.  But the incomprehensible airline pricing schemes made it far cheaper to reach Delhi via London than any other, like a direct or even east-bound, routing.  So we were off to London which was just fine with us because we got the bonus of seeing our friends Darren & Daniela.

When we landed in London we were prepared with maps, directions, and a full stop-by-stop itinerary for taking the tube from the airport to our friends’ house.  This was ironic, because in Heathrow we encountered multiple information stands that were all open, helpful, and 100% fluent in English!  There was a giant desk solely dedicated to helping travelers navigate the multitude of well-marked, English-announcements underground.  Nonetheless, the preparation paid off and we flawlessly reached their apartment.  A lovely place in Notting Hill we were sure to run into Hugh or Julia at the blue travel bookshop.

The three day visit was slightly marred by Darren's work schedule and my catching a cold, but we still had lots of fun.  There was:

The first quarter of the Superbowl (boooooring), or the far more exciting giant plate of Darren’s famous nachos (but made with Daniela’s twist of extra cheese, extra gauc, and extra deliciousness).

Wine, cheese-plate, nachos, & homemade guacamole. 
The perfect Superbowl spread!

Charming walks through Notting Hill

Colorful.Notting Hill
Classic double-deccker bus.  Hardly a Flecha Bus!

Drinking in a pub with mini-doors:

Mini-doors!  Who are these for?

The beer was good.  But hardly icy-cold.
Obligatory photos in London telephone booths:


J?  You there?

A delish short-rib stew (well, ribs of some sort, the butcher didn’t have proper short ribs), accompanied by a fantastic caprese salad and mushroom & onion crostinis.

Look at those knife skills.  And some real cheese, yum!

That looks like hearty winter soup.
Juaner, remember the recipe?

A stroll through a London park:

The grounds at Kensington Palace.
Though we now know that the British left many marks on India, this type of trash receptical were not one of them

Swans! (Not pictured: giant mutant ducks)
Jesse took this exact same photo when she was in London in 1998!
(Damn she's old)
And, of course, a quick visit with Suri, Mila, Talia and Sharon.  Who knew playing train could be so fun?

All aboard!
(Including Darren and his cute pink doll)
It was a fun couple of days despite Darren’s having to return to the States for work and my being sick.  But perhaps the best part was the British Airways First Class matching jammers set that Darren brought me from his travels.  It has saved me from countless questionable bedding situations throughout India and the uni has proven to be quite handsome. 

Ahhhhhh, BA jammers in Jaipur.

The rest of our photos from London are available here.


  1. You guys are having too much fun!!

  2. Love this post, and it was wonderful having you guys here!
    Firstly, thanks for attempting to watch the Superbowl with me at such an ungodly hour... i knew after the second bottle of wine when we switched to scotch it would be a struggle to make it through the first half, let alone the end...
    secondly, I do remember the recipe (i think) for the soup, and it was SO delicious when you made it that I've been scared to attempt to re-create it :-)
    And lastly, you may think that the BA Frist Class jammies were the best thing you took from this "flat" in London, but I know that Jesse begs to differ that it was the roll of toilet paper that helped her through some "situations" in India...

    hope to see you on your way back - miss you!!


    p.s. in case you were wondering the name of the "pink doll" that darren is holding, it is Pinkie Pie the pony :-)


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