Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jaiselmar Desert Festival - Photo Essay

We spent long days in the car to make it to the Jaiselmar desert festival.  This annual event highlights  Rajasthani cultural, with camel races, turban tying contests (with separate competions for Indians and foreigners), tug of war (Indian v foreigner), a Mr. Desert contest and even contests to judge the man with the best mustache. We wondered whether there is a strong correlation between the winner of Mr. Desert winner and Mr. Mustache. 

Sadly, we only made it for the last day because we were stranded on a camel safari, but still got to enjoy much of the fun.

This man celebrates the desert everyday. 
But only once a year does the rest of Jaiselmar celebrate him.
Everyone (but me) loves the camels.

The crowd was anxious for the camel race

Camel Races
(Thank goodness I wasn't in the race.  My whole lower body hurts just looking at this photo).
Even the police enjoy a camel ride.
Only five Indians (and kids) on this camel. 
They could fit twice this many on a scooter!

And then the cultural extravaganza
The lovely girls from the Jaiselmar Little Hearts Girls School
performed song and dance highlighting the rich culture of the region.

It was kinda like Twist & Shout, but different.

The girls from the Little Hearts school were quite good.

These men played Indian music for what seemed like hours.
Instrumental Indian music is kinda boring.

I think they are saying "hush hush hush papa's sleeping "
(reference to that Bollywood classic "Housefull").

And these women were bidding us goodbye, after a good day and evening at the desert festival.

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