Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hieroglyphics 101

After three weeks in Egypt, Dave and I are practically Egyptologists.  For those of you following from home, here's a primer on ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Your tour guide to ancient Egypt.
You can confirm his authenticity by the beard.

Last meals.
You can see the two Pharaohs on the left went for a chicken dinner (w/sides),
while our friend on the right enjoyed a hot soup and rolls.
Juggler.  The ancient Egyptians had only mastered juggling with two balls.
It is believed that a third ball was introduced by Alexander the Great and his conquering army.
(How to snuggle in the brutal Egyptian heat)
Cocktail waiter.  Also, huge erection.
Ancient makeup kit (comb, mascara wand, powder compact, lipstick, nail trimmer)

Ancient Egyptian ice cream sundae
Dancing the hora at a Jewish wedding (must have been a day off from pyramid-building)
Rock on!  (early shockaaair?)

Factory farming
A crack hair & make-up team is always on-call
Multiplicity - "I like pizza."
Ancient Egypt Air flight
(back then cocktails were still free)
I Didn't Even Know I Was Pregnant!
Even more photos of hieroglyphics can be found here.


  1. These captions are amazing!

  2. i'm so amazing how you've absorbed the culture and language in such a short time. did you consider coming back and working as docents?


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