Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Diving in Dahab

The culmination of a full day of travel from Wadi Rum to Dahab, on the Sinai peninsula, left us at the beautiful, clean, and climate-controlled Le Meriden Dahab resort.  And with our Starwood points we were staying for “free” (except for some exorbitant internet charges)!  Sweet.  The goal for Dahab was to rest, relax, and dive on the Red Sea.  And that’s exactly what we did.

The view from our porch.  Bliss.
Dahab is a cool little town, a laid-back alternative to the more commercialized Sharm-el-Sheikh to the south.  (As an added bonus, (1) Dahab is not overrun with drunk Russians like Sharm-el-Sheikh (there are four or more flights a day between Moscow and Sharm) and (2) the beaches in Dahab are not closed because of numerous deadly shark attacks like the the beaches in Sharm.)  The main drag is lined with candle-lit, cushion-strewn beachfront restaurants (some with wifi!) serving up fresh juices and your standard Egyptian fare.

The Dahab waterfront

Obviously you cannot ride your bicycles, horses or camels along the main drag.

Enjoying a post-dinner handwash at a Dahab restaurant.
My face looks so weird here.

When we weren't strolling around town, we focused much of our energies on doing this:

Jesse's dream: kindle and fresh mango juice.
MOM, I'm not wearing a hat but I am sitting in the shade.

Dave's dream: 'dora and a Stella (Egyptian Stella, not to be confused with Stella Artois)
Our relaxation was only interrupted by men asking, every five minutes, if we wanted a camel ride.
Honestly, a giant sign saying "NO, I DO NOT WANT A CAMEL RIDE"
would have gone a long way in Egypt, Jordan and India
We also managed to get in some really cool dives at two different dive sites - Canyons and Blue Hole.  Both deep shore dives, they took us throw narrow chimneys, along coral walls, and past schools of fish and other critters.  Emerging into the Blue Hole, we watched from below as free divers wearing mono-fins swam down to over 60 feet deep on a single breath.

Diving "The Canyons."  Yes, we swam through that little gu!

Octopus!  Yum.

An abundance of bright, cheerful fish.

A cleaner wrasse finishes off the rest of Dave's lunch.
DSM: I can't believe I left a piece of shwarma in my beard!

Just lounging...

Tiger fish

Good times diving.

You can see all of our Dahab photos here.

If you go:
Dahab is located about half-way up the Sinai Peninsula, and is only about an hour from the Sharm el-Sheikh airport or the Nuweiba port.  You can also take a ten hour bus from Cairo (which we did in the opposite direction - bring warm clothes, the bus is freezing).  We would recommend both of the places we stayed - the swanky Le Meridian Dahab (especially with Starwood points), about ten minutes outside of town, and in town the more budget-friendly Red Sea Relax


  1. j- good girl, good girl. wanna cookie?

  2. Just caught up on a bunch of blog posts (midterms...ugh). At least it looks like that horrible trip to Dahab was worth all the hassle!

  3. it looks like your waterproof camera IS in fact still waterproof! shock proof? now that's a different story...


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