Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week Twelve Daily Journal

Friday, December 17
Bariloche, Argentina

We spent the day catching up on photos, writing, etc. and generally just hanging around the hostel and chatting with people.  Bern stopped by in the morning to say hi and it was nice to see him again.  For lunch we cooked up the leftover lasagna and for dinner we were invited to eat with one of the guys who works at the hostel and his friends; they made a delicious chicken dish.  We went and hung out down by the lake at night which was really nice.

Saturday, December 18
Bariloche & Neuquén, Argentina

Mmm... dessert at Boliche

We were sad to check out of the hostel this morning but we consoled ourselves with lunch at Boliche de Alberto (the parilla).  The 6 hour bus ride to Neuquen was uneventful and we checked into Hostel de Paseo, carved out of the owners fathers house.  The owner was really nice, and we had a 6 bed dorm room to ourselves. We ran to the supermarket (huge, like a walmart) right before it closed and made a salad and some chicken for dinner while we planned out the next few days.

Sunday, December 19
Neuquén, Argentina

We had to go to the airport to pick up our car which was kind of annoying.  The plan for the day originally was to drive about an hour south of town to see some dinosaur fossils, and then drive up and hour north of town to go to some wineries, but we decided to bail on the dinosaurs.  Our first stop was NQN where we had a tour in Spanish and then a little tasting.  The next winery, Fin del Mundo, was closed so we went to Familia Schroeder, which we had heard was good for lunch.  Lunch was indeed good but the only option was a 3 course meal which we thankfully split - so much food.  The tour, in English, was really good but then they only let us taste a flat champagne and one wine, which was really weird.  The woman told us she wasn't allowed to open any other bottles, but then we saw her giving different wines to two other guys after us.  In addition to wine, tons of fruit is grown in the Neuquen area, so the roads are lined wih farm stands.  We stopped at one to buy cherries, peaches, pears and walnuts, yum.  We returned to town and had a coffee and then made our way to our wonderful guesthouse, where we enjoyed cheese, prosciutto, wine and fruit, among gorgeous vineyards and with the friendliest one-eyed dog around. (See post Neuquen - a Final (Wine) Taste).

Monday, December 20
Neuquén, Argentina

Oscar brought us hot coffee and fresh medialunas for breakfast.  First we did a tour and tasting of Bodega Charcas, where we met Hans and his parents.  Next to Bodega Noemia, for tasting and a delicious surprise lunch.  We explored the city of Neuquen a bit, got caught in an impromptu parade, returned the car, and took an overnight bus to BA.

Tuesday, December 21
Buenos Aires, Argentina

The vegetarian bus meal:
mini apple, cracker, one lettuce leaf,
one tomato slice, a few cucumbers

We arrived in BA at around 11am, and it was SO hot.  Our non-A/C rush hour taxi ride was miserable. We checked into TelmoTango hostel in San Telmo, where we had a weird interior room.  Lunch at La Brigada and then tried to walk around but it was too hot, so wrote a bunch of blog entries instead.  Leftovers for dinner.

Wednesday, December 22
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Final Argentina meal!

Hung out all morning and then went to Palermo for a final lunch at La Cabrera, where we chatted up a nice couple while we waited.  800 final grams of Argentina bife de chorizo, yum.  Went to the airport for our Air Malaysia flight to Capetown, and they wouldn't let us check in without proof that we had a ticket out of South Africa.  So we had to run and find an Internet cafe and print our etickets.  The flight was pretty nice and we lucked out and had an empty seat between us!

Thursday, December 23
Cape Town, South Africa

We checked into our very nice guesthouse, Bantry Bay Guesthouse, which was just a few blocks from the President Hotel where our friends were staying.  While D napped J ran some errands and went to the supermarket, and then we met Darren and Daniela at their hotel for a drink before dinner at Willouhbys.  I was soooo happy to eat sushi again!  And to see them :). We finished off the night hanging out at their hotel, and then since we couldn't get the back gate open, Dave and I scaled a wall to get out of the President parking lot.  Later we realized that's a good way to get shot in South Africa, so in the future we asked a hotel employee to let us out.

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