Friday, February 11, 2011

Pengys, Baboons and Brian

One day the group set off to face some of South Africa's most vicious creatures.

Baboons are dangerous and attracted by food.

Penguins WILL bite!
We drove along the winding coastal road to the mellow tunes of Oldies But Goodies One, Oldies But Goodies Two, and the Hangover Mix.

We also listened to Dave drone on about the sights we were about to see.
The group appeared to be interested, but in fact, were just checking out his short shorts.  
At times, our surly bus driver would stop to allow us a brief photo opp.

Multiple, simultaneous, photo opps en route. 

Before long, we reached Cape Point, where it is (falsely) claimed that the Atlantic and Indian Oceans collide.  We hiked up to the lighthouse viewing area and made some new friends.

Far from home. 
Can't blame him for wanting to be part of our crew.
On the drive from Cape Point to Cape of Good Hope, we finally encountered the first of the dangerous beasts.  They were alternately relaxing peacefully and having sex by the side of the road.  We debated filling someone's pockets with dried mango and biltong and sending them out there to see what happened.

Also a third activity - butt exploration
We were forced to regroup when we arrived at the Cape of Good Hope.  Somehow we managed to evade this fierce critter.  I am sure there were warnings posted somewhere about him, food, and biting.

Truly terrifying
We waited and waited and waited for a large group of Japanese tourists to finish taking photos at the Cape of Good Hope sign.  Eventually we deployed our secret weapon, our own dangerous beast to drive them away.

They fled in terror.
"Most south-western point" is sort of a lame title, don't you think?
Emboldened by our success, we were ready to face our next foe, the penguin.  We headed to their home at Boulder's Beach.

Danger zone, straight ahead.

The predator eyes his prey, or is the prey eying the predator?
We penguin-crawled among the boulders and penguin-swam in the ocean.  We so thoroughly integrated with the penguins that they didn't even try to attack us.

The group waddles their way through the narrow openings
between the namesake boulders on the beach.

Brian and Darren finish huddling together to keep warm and prepare to hunt in the icy southern Atlantic.
We finished off the day with a delightful sea-side lunch of fried seafood.*  Team Alpha, and Team Zeta.  I'll let you decide who is who.

*Except the Rattners, who both enjoy double portions of the kids' menu chicken nuggets.

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