Sunday, February 20, 2011

Out of the Wilderness into the Knys-ness

From Wilderness we drove to Knysna (pronounced "Nice-Na"; pronounced by me, to everyone's great irritation, "Ka-Nice-A").  

Knysna coast
Our new hostel looked just lovely, the people were kind, and best of all, they produced a key to our door immediately upon check-in!  

Jesse, Ted and Sarah in front of Knysna Backpackers
The plan was to meet Ted & Sarah and do some hiking (with Ted and me being Supertrekers, we were thinking a 20-30 KM jaunt), perhaps some diving, and definitely some relaxing in this small harbor town.

At the Knysna Heads
Mostly we ended up relaxing.  We found more amazing deserted beaches, stumbled upon a local brewery and did a tour and tasting, and swam in the icy cold Indian Ocean.  

A deserted Knysna beach
Mitchell's Brewery tour and tasting

Both the Meshkovs and the Martens were successful beer tasters.

A reflective moment.
Sadly, the diving was canceled due to unfavorable water conditions (really rough and really cold), but we did manage to introduce Ted & Sarah to the deliciousness that are oysters.  I know, I know, all you taste is the Tabasco, cocktail sauce, & lemon – I am still not sure why we need a $3 delivery instrument….

Hot sauce delivery vehicles

Dinner at the Knysna waterfront

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