Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week Nine Daily Journal

Friday, November 26
Colonia, Uruguay & Buenos Aires, Argentina

Howie Heaven at Cocina Sunae
 We took the 11:45 ferry back to Buenos Aires and then walked over to Puerto Madero to have lunch at Happening- it was really good.  Then we toured the Centro area, starting with the Casa Rosada, taking a quick ride on the A train, stopping for a coffee at Cafe Tortoni, and ending at the Congress.  It was a really hot day and it was sad to see the huge camp of squatters outside the Congress.  That night we went to dinner at Cocina Sunae, a southeast Asian food closed door restaurant.  It was delicious- we really enjoyed the fried pork wontons, spring rolls, adobe chicken and shrimp curry.

Saturday, November 27
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Interactive installation "art" at MALBA
 Breakfast was medialunas from Lucios and coffee from Bobo, and then we went to the Evita Museum and MALBA.  Next we went to the polo fields and bought tickets for that days matches.  The first game was okay but the 4pm was much better.  As we were leaving we randomly ran into the Browning family (our friends from Sayta Ranch) - small world!  Dinner that night was at Bobo (delicious) and then we went to the milonga for tango lessons and to watch the dancers.

Sunday, November 28
Buenos Aires, Argentina

At La Brigada they cut the steak with
a (secretly serrated) knife

Dave spent the morning at Quimbobo and in the early afternoon we all headed out to the San Telmo fair.  Dave got a leather jacket (an early 30th (eee) birthday present) and we had a delicious lunch at La Brigada.  We also saw the smallest house in Buenos Aires.  Afterwards J wasn't feeling well so we went home and skipped dinner and went to bed early.

Monday, November 29
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mmmm... delicious helado
J was still feeling really crappy this morning.  While H visited Juan's animation studio, D, J and S had coffee/breakfast at Florencia and then J&S (later joined by D&H) spent the rest of the day shopping in Palermo Soho.  We did really really well.  We also went to the wine store so they could pick out some bottles to bring home, and to Freddo for ice cream.  For dinner we met Juan and Cecilia at Osaka, a delicious Peruvian-Japanese restaurant, where we had a really fun meal.

Tuesday, November 30
Buenos Aires, Argentina

I know I've used this photo a few times,
but it's my favorite!
The Meltzers were leaving today, so in the morning we unloaded all of the crap we wanted them to bring home.  Somehow it all fit in their (tiny) luggage.  Of course we had our traditional last lunch at La Cabrera (this time, the lomo with pepper and the rib eye).   We followed it up with some last minute shopping and a last ice cream from la esquina de helado.  After they left :( we went home to pack up the apartment.  How did our tiny amount of stuff explode all over the place in a mere month?  Later we took a last walk around the neighborhood and had a coffee/tea at Mott and picked up a few empanadas for dinner.

Wednesday, December 1
Buenos Aires, Argentina & El Calafate, Argentina

Our cabanita.  Pretty cute.
 We got checked out of our apartment at 6:15 am and we were in a cab to the airport by 6:30, ugh, early.  The actual flight to El Calafate was uneventful, except that we ended up sitting on the runway for about 40 minutes after we landed because they couldn't turn off one of the engines. Then we waited an hour and a half for them to get the luggage off the plane.  It was 2pm at this point and we hadn't eaten yet that day and Dave was forced to go at our leftover steak (from La Cabrera) with his bare hands while sitting on the floor at the airport.  We split a cab into town with a German couple and checked into our hostel, Las Cabañitas.  We were staying in a tiny wood cabin - the downstairs had bunk beds and a tiny table and chairs and a teeny bathroom where the shower gets the whole place wet, and a ladder led to a double bed upstairs under the sharply peaked roof.  There was not a lot of space but the bed area turned out to be surprisingly cozy.  After we got settled we went to Elba'r for some food and met Ted and Sarah, a couple from Boulder, and Bernhardt from Austria via Boulder.  We chatted with them for a while and then set off to buy some warm clothes.  It was a total farce as we trudged back and forth among 3 nearby stores to find the right things in the right sizes.  We ended up getting long underwear, a fleece shirt, and warm socks.  We also sorted out our bus tickets for the next day.  Finally we met Ted, Sarah and Bern at a restaurant and had some dinner.

Thursday, December 2
El Calafate, Argentina

We met Bern on the 10 am (small, yellow) bus to the Perito Moreno glacier and when we finally got there around noon we met up with Ted and Sarah and another couple, Kim and Nathaniel.  We took a boat ride along the north face of the massive glacier and cheered every time a piece of ice "calved" off the glacier and crashed into the icy water below.  It sounded like thunder.  We spent the rest of the day walking along the 4k of walkways which took us pretty close to the glacier.  It was really impressive (see post Ice, Ice Baby).  Eventually we went to the glacier cafe and enjoyed their specialty- cafe con whiskey (except for sick J who had hot chocolate).  When we got back to town we went back to Elba'r with Bern and did some internetting.  We had a delicious dinner at Pura Vida where we shared a lamb pie with a purée of sweet potatoes and smoked eggplant - yum!

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