Monday, January 24, 2011

Siete Lagos, or, Lake Overload

The Siete Lagos is a well-known drive through the Argentine Lakes District. 

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After reading four posts on Bariloche, are you a little bit sceneried-out?  Well, after living those posts, and more, we were feeling the same.  The overcast, threatening weather didn't help.  But, the Siete Lagos was a "must see," and a "can't miss," and it had been a while since we'd enjoyed the freedom of the open road.  So we rented the cheapest car we could find and set out to see some more spectacular views.  Booooooring.

Our Chevy Corsa not only lacked power windows, AC and a radio,
it also lacked POWER STEERING!!!
We were not aware such cars existed anymore.
And we are lucky Dave has such strong manly arms.
There's really not much to say about the trip - the scenery was obviously gorgeous, we ate steak, we stopped at a charming teahouse, it poured rain - so just enjoy some photos below.

The open road, not a car in sight.
All the other people must have looked at the weather forecast.

A very windy self-portrait.

Too much dead cow will make you fat.

Our tasty lunch.
Sitting here in Egypt (the land of rice and pita) writing this post, I am drooling for a delicious jugoso bife de chorizo.

This bridge seems unsafe.

The weather is getting more and more ominous.
A stormy look-out point.

You can see more photos from our Siete Lagos drive  by clicking here.

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