Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Historic Buenos Aires

First - a big happy B-day to Lauren!!!

It wasn't all steak, ice cream and shopping (even if mostly it was).  Buenos Aires is home to beautiful old buildings, national monuments and history at every turn.

La Casa Rosada (the Pink House)
Eva and Juan Peron made their famous speeches from these balconies


The fountain in front of the Congress
Congress, in profile.

Scenic tree-lined park.

This building has an interesting story.
A very wealthy woman built the church on the left.
She was able to see it (and pray to it) directly from her balcony at home.
She later forbade her son to marry his neauvo-riche girlfriend.
In retaliation, the young woman built this massive luxury apartment building so as to block the older woman's view.
The church was gorgeous inside.

Statue celebrating Argentine independence.
The red and white flag in front is totally random.
Fancy architecture.

Love the jacaranda trees
Law School

The A Line is the oldest subway in South America.
This is an original wooden subway car, still in use today!  Over 100 years old.
Cafe Tortoni, the most famous old cafe in Buenos Aires.
Mausoleums at the Recoleta Cemetary.
I love the hobbit one on the right.
Evita's mausoleum
Posing with the life-size statue of boxer Luis Ángel Firpo (AKA "The Wild Bull of The Pampas"), outside his mausoleum.
Big dude.

Still big.

The streets of the Recoleta cemetery

And, of course, any good walking tour ends with a delicious ice cream


  1. Thanks for the bday shout out!

  2. haha dad i feel embarrassed for you
    happy bday lauren!

  3. It is a beautiful city, I especially love the jacaranda trees!

  4. Looks like a stanford cardinal flag to me. They have a big following in Argentina.


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