Sunday, January 16, 2011

Artisanal Beer, Artisanal Jazz, Artisanal Rain

Really, the sign says it all

El Bolson, Argentina is described by Lonely Planet as a mellow little hippie town with excellent artisanal beers, lovely hikes and gorgeous landscapes.  Located in the southern part of the Lakes District, it seemed the perfect place to meet up with Amy and Dustin, friends from Buenos Aires, for a few days when our itineraries crossed paths.

We rented a cute little cabana.
The Harper's Corsa is parked to the right.  We got around in style.
Unfortunately, we experienced some of the worst weather yet of our trip, with torrential, freezing cold rain.  Fortunately, we managed to salvage our stay in El Bolson by focusing our energies on an artisanal beer tour of the town.  After all, El Bolson supplies over 75% of Argentina's hops.  Beer tasting was practically a cultural activity.

Taste a beer, dance a jig!
With respect to Dave's face, lets just say you can only see my painted arms...

We never did make it to the Otto Tip Brewery, but we put together a professional tasting in the comfort of home.

NOT a fan of the bacon-flavored beer.
We have officially found the one thing that bacon does not make taste better.
DSM:  It actually grew on me pretty fast.  If they knew how to make proper bacon in Argentina (or anywhere outside America for that matter), I am quite sure it would be 100% delicious. 

When we weren't drinking beer, we were hitting up the El Bolson Jazz Fest (where we were drinking beer).  Note to the El Bolson Jazz Fest organizers -- a few heaters in the tent would have gone a long way.

Check out their hair.
They are decidedly Argentinian.

It was cold in there.
Luckily, the weather did clear up enough for us to get out of the house (and breweries) a few times.  We did a short hike to check out the rock formation called La Cabeza del Indio - the Head of the Indian.

La Cabeza del Indio in the background;
Las Cabezas del Meshkov in the foreground.

On our final day we set off on a longer hike that took us across a suspension bridge, along a river, through a farm, and under barbed wire fences, and offered up some gorgeous views.

Despite the rain, a fun couple of days!  Despite extensive taste testing, however, the beer was just okay. The fan favorite was the El Bolson Cerveceria Rioja.  You can see more El Bolson photos by clicking here.


  1. Love the pic of your profiles - haha. Happy birthday DMesher!

  2. Such good times! Except for the bacon beer, of course...


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