Thursday, December 16, 2010

Week Seven Daily Journal

Friday, November 12
Iguazu & Buenos Aires, Argentina

These guys had huge claws and were everywhere in Iguazu,
stealing food and terrorizing tourists
Steve left for the falls at 6am and was back in time for our 10 am breakfast (ha! Yeah right!). Jorge picked us up at the hotel and we spent the rest of the day visiting the Devil's Throat (pretty spectacular) and doing the upper circuit.  Steve, Lynda and J had lunch at a horrible buffet restaurant while Dave continued to explore.  We finally made it back to BA after SL were forced to check their bags by some nasty Aerolineas employees.  S&L turned in for the night and we met Amy and Dustin at a peña in our neighborhood where we listened to live music and enjoyed pizza, empanadas, quilmes and good company.

Saturday, November 13
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Downtown BA
Dave, Lynda and Steve took a free walking tour of downtown BA while J caught up on some planning duties while breakfasting at Quimbobo, where D S and L ended up eating lunch.  That evening we had dinner at Astrid y Gaston and then went to La Viruta where we had tango lessons and then spent a few hours watching the dancing.  It was really fun and definitely a sight to see people of all ages tango-ing across the dance floor.

Sunday, November 14
Buenos Aires, Argentina

We went to explore La Boca, the down and out neighborhood where the Bocas Jr futbol stadium is located and where old traditional houses have been restored along the caminito. It was so touristy and beyond horrible (see post Tango in the Streets).  Next we went to the antiques market in San Telmo where we had lunch Desnivel and enjoyed the fair.  After a little shopping in Palermo we went to Cecilia and Ricardo's house for dinner.  They are dive buddies with Bruce Dennenberg.  We met some really interesting people, ate a delicious parilla and had a really fun evening.

Monday, November 15
Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Cabrera, yummmm
Lynda and Steve had to check out of their hotel and then they set off in an attempt to rent bikes for the morning.  That didnt work out, unfortunately, so instead they bought wine to bring home.  We had a final lunch at La Cabrera and then bid then farewell.  Dave and I spent the rest of the day catching up on stuff and watching tv.

Tuesday, November 16
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cheering on Boca.
This photo suggests that we were at a fun bar.
We were not.
We schlepped to the Indian embassy today only to discover that they were closed for a holiday.  Argh!  We had an ok Indian lunch at Darbar Delhi, determined to get a tiny taste of India even if we couldn't pick up our visas.  We also went to the Nikon store where we found out that our nikon warranty is only valid in the US and that it would cost us around $200 to have the camera fixed.  We decided to go for it since it would probably cost around that much to deal with all the shipping.  That evening was the Bocas-River Superclasico match so we headed to a recommended sports bar in Recolata.  Unfortunately, we needed a reservation so we ended up at a random place down the street which had a huge tv but was disappointingly sedate.  River won, 1-0.  We headed back to Palermo had had something to eat at Bar 6 while we hoped that Amy and Dustin were meeting us.  Turned out they didn't get our more recent emails and had gone to find us at the sports bar.  Bummer.

Wednesday, November 17
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Internetting at Mama Racha
We cafe hopped today as we set out to research and plan our trips to Patagonia and the middle east.  We started at breakfast at Bar 6 where we were turned off by the snotty waitress and bad wifi and runny eggs.  Next we went to Mama Racha for some good coffee and got s lot of work done.  Then we walked to Sarkis for a late lunch but were turned away at the door because they were closed.  So we went to Social Paraiso where the lunch was good but the restaurant was so hot.  It was kind of a disaster of a day.  We went home and did more work and felt sorry for ourselves.  Much later for dinner we went to Don Julios and shared a steak.  It was hot in there too.

Thursday, November 18
Buenos Aires and El Tigre, Argentina

Rollin on the riverrrrr
Today we went to El Tigre, the vacation destination in the delta (see post Eye of the Tigre).  Although it was kind of a disaster getting there (noticing a theme of the week?), we enjoyed our zodiac ride through the peaceful delta and the steak lunch cooked up by our guide Eduardo.  There was even a car show in town. We opted to take the non-tourist train back to the city.  For dinner we went to a local sushi place- it was ok, although really slow and we were dying to get home.

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