Thursday, December 2, 2010

Week Five Daily Journal

Friday, October 29
Sayta Estancia, Chicoana, Argentina & Salta, Argentina

Dave rides bareback.

Dave sat out the morning ride, and instead took a bike into town with Brian to go to the ATM.  Lunch was bife de chorizo and was delicious.  The afternoon ride was in the forest and was really fun - the best ride yet. Afterward we were dropped off at Bloomers B&B and went to dinner at a place around the corner that had salads (much needed after three days of Enrique's meat-fests).

Saturday, October 30
Salta, Argentina

Dave's stomach hurts just looking at this photo

We spent the day mostly catching up on email, photos, the blog, etc.  Obviously everything was closed by the time we were ready for lunch so we went to some random place near the square.  For dinner we went to the place Dave had been eying for the past two weeks, Bigotes, and he got a double burger and J got fries.  Turns out it wasn't worth it.  At all.  JSR (Jesse Supremacy Rule) in effect.

Sunday, October 31
Salta, Argentina

Patio de Empanadas
More of the same catching up and administrative stuff.  We had lunch at Patios de Empanadas, which was fun.  It's a patio area with a bunch of different stalls and lots of tables, and the waitresses seem to each work for a different vendor.  There's no menu, and we ordered an assortment of empanadas (beef, chicken, cheese, fried and baked) and a humuita, like a tamale but without meat.  That night we went back to Viejo Jack and shared a steak and still had plenty left to bring back for the bus.

Monday, November 1
Salta, Argentina

The view from my bus seat

Dave spent the morning mountain bike riding with Francisco of MTB Salta while Jesse went to the internet cafe to update the blog.  We made an emergency stop at Doña Salta for some empanadas to go and then headed to the bus stop for our 3pm bus.  After running around frantically trying to find it, we found out that it was delayed till 4.  The rest of the afternoon and evening on the bus passed uneventfully (see post Pop Quiz Hotshot).. 

Tuesday, November 2
Buenos Aires, Argentina

I love the dog walkers in this city!  Look at that pack!

We arrived in BA in the early afternoon and caught a taxi to our hotel, BA Soho Rooms.  After the very nice owner Sebastian got us set up with maps we went to Beraka around the corner for some lunch, quinoa salad and stir fry.  We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Palermo, checking out different areas to live in, and emailing with realtors.  We slept through dinner.

Wednesday, November 3
Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Orchestra
Another day spent walking around Palermo Soho, Hollywood, Alto, etc., searching out the neighborhoods where various apartments were located.  We had lunch at Annette Bistro, in the north part of Palermo.  That night we went to Orchestra Tipica Fenandez Fierro, an orchestra made up of young punk type musicians playing a rocked out version of tango music.  Despite having gotten there 1 1/2 before the show started, it was lots of fun.  We had to share a table with two guys who J thought were boyfriends but turned out to be brothers, awkward.

Thursday, November 4
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fun fruit stand in the 'hood
We had lunch today at Krishna, vegetarian Indian food.  We were really craving something other than Argentinian food!  It was pretty good although not spicy at all.  Afterward we met Brigitte the realtor at our soon-to-be apartment.  We saw it, liked it, and she said we could move in the next morning.  We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around and then headed to Palermo Hollywood to see our back up option apartment, a small but really nice studio.  This apartment came to be highly idealized in our minds whenever we would discover anything weird or off about our apartment on Malabia.  Anyway, we went for a drink at Olsen to mull over our choices- they had a beautiful garden setting and J got a delicious "east side manhattan" and D a pretty gross bloody.  Then we ran over to a wine store in Palermo Soho that was having a tasting, only to find that it was canceled.  For dinner we went to Don Julio, a great casual parilla, where we shared a steak, salad and fries.


  1. I'd like to hear more about this Jesse Supremacy Rule thing...

  2. WHAT??? you slept thru dinner one night? i'm sorry. i refuse to believe dave missed a meal.


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