Monday, December 20, 2010

Puertas Cerradas

Puertas Cerradas, literally "closed door" restaurants, are one of our favorite Buenos Aires dining trends (after, of course, giant delicious steaks).  Held in private homes, and usually only on weekends, puertas cerradas offer set menus at pretty reasonable prices in an intimate atmosphere.  Diners are encouraged to chat with the chef and to mingle with other guests.

It's sort of like when Dave gets his hands on a giant pork shoulder and his slow cooker, but here they invite strangers and charge money.

We very much enjoyed each of the three puertas cerradas we hit up while in BA - discussing travel with the chef at La Cocina Discreta (menu), making new friends at Casa Saltshaker (menu and recipes!), and finally satisfying an asian food craving at Cocina Sunae (menu).

Oh yeah -- and the food was so good we forgot to take any pictures!

JDMesh says:  YUM.

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  1. yes, it make BA the exotic destination that lives up to its reputation.
    oops, except that the dinner we went to was hosted by a brooklyn girl who moved to BA a couple of yrs.


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