Saturday, December 11, 2010

Not Your Neighborhood Barnes & Nobles

We took a break from an errand-filled day in BA by hitting up El Ateneo, a goergeous bookstore carved out of an ornate old theater from the early twentieth century. 

The original seating has for the most part been replaced by bookshelves, although you can still relax and leaf through a novel (or, in our case, English language travel guides) in the old box seats.  The mezzanine levels contain CDs, DVDs and photography exhibits, and what used to be the stage is now an (overpriced) cafe.

JDMesh says: Worth checking out, and it´s not far some some of our (depressingly) most-frequented haunts, the Nikon repair shop and the Indian embassy.


  1. 2 things: Nashville was way ahead of BA - we had the Belle Meade Bookstar which was in the former Belle Meade Theater in the early 1990s. very cool concept. Also, is the Indian embassy in BA as bad as NY where you have to wait on a line outdoors (and exposed to the elements if it happens to be a rainy day)?

  2. Dan- the BA Indian embassy is lovely! We enjoyed their "cafe con visa" program and perused coffee table books about india and drank cafe con leche as we awaited (and waited, and waited) our turn.


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