Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Giving Thanks in Uruguay

Dave: I´m thankful that all of the museums were mysteriously closed.
Sue: I´m thankful that all of the stores were still open.
Howie: I´m thankful that tomorrow night we´re having asian food.
Jesse: I´m thankful to be spending Thanksgiving with my parents and husband.  And not at work.

Copyright Howard L. Meltzer.
Appropriated by JDMesh.
We spent Thanksgiving with Sue and Howie in the charming colonial town of Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay.  Just an hour from Buenos Aires by fast ferry, the historic quarter of Colonia is like stepping back in time.

Crumbling Portugeuse architecture
(and JDMesh checking it out)

Really old cars are parked everywhere.
Car repurposed as vase.

Even though all of the museums were closed because of some sort of strike, we were still able to visit the old lighthouse, the city walls and the wooden drawbridge, and to walk along the quaint cobblestoned streets and the picturesque river.

Sue: Hola officer.  Por que los museos estan cerrados?
Policia:  Bla bla bla bla strike, bla bla bla bla.

Climbing to the top of the lighthouse
Hanging out on a cannon
Riverside promenade
"The Street of Sighs"
Two official and opposing theories as to the origin of this name:
(1) Sailers kept their girlfriends here, or
(2) Sailers were executed (and drew their last breaths) here
The drawbridge by night.

Our dinner that night was at La Florida where, in a cozy old house, we enjoyed such classic Thanksgiving fare as steaks and grilled fish.

And the BEST french onion soup EVER.
We finished it off with apple pie.  Pretty thanksgivingy.

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  1. Wow, beautiful town. Howie should film a period piece there!


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