Friday, December 17, 2010

Eye of the Tigre

We spent a relaxing day in Tigre, a popular vacation destination located just north of Buenos Aires, in the Parana delta.

BA, seen from El Tigre

Getting there was the hardest part.  There are just some days that our travel mojo fails us.  First we had to take the subway to the Retiro train station, which involved taking the (incredibly crowded) D line and then switching to the C line.  From Retiro, we boarded a train to Mitre.  As we sat watching the stations go by (incredibly slowly), we realized that the train went right by our neighborhood.  We had gone thirty minutes east on the subway only to take the train right back west past where we lived!  While we were busy discussing how stupid we were, the train started moving backwards.  We had reached the end of the line - our stop - and forgot to get off.  So we took the train back one stop, crossed the platform and waited half an hour for another train to Mitre.  At Mitre, we switched to the Tren de la Costa, the tourist train along the coast to the delta.  We really should have known better than to take anything called a "tourist train."  It cost $5.  The normal train costs $0.25.  It didn't go along the coast, but rather just near the coast.  And it was, of course, packed with tourists.  We have never seen so many people take photos of a train.

This broke down car took us to the zodiac
Once we arrived in Tigre, things started looking up.  We hired a guide, Eduardo, to take us out on the delta in a zodiac.  We floated along peacefully on the muddy brown water, past seemingly untouched nature, vacation homes that are only accessible by boat, and local people gathering reeds to be woven into various (tourist) products.

At lunch time we stopped at a house owned by the tour company and Eduardo cooked up a mean steak for us to share, perfectly jugoso.  

Supermercado boat
The rest of the afternoon was spent on the boat and wandering around the town's scenic riverfront, home to crumbling rowing clubs, mate-drinking teenagers and, of course, artisanel ice cream.  


Hola, Eduardo - our guide for the day

We did not ride the ferris wheel
If you did not hire a zodiac, you can get around by water taxi

An unexpected car show we stumbled upon
El Tigre used to have an important fruit market.
Now it's mostly a crafts fair, but they still sell some deliciousness.

Salud! A good day.

JDMesh says:  Certainly not a must-see, but a nice and peaceful day and a great break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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