Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home, James

We rented an apartment in the heart of Palermo Soho....

The view from our apartmento.
You should thank me; I'm only making you look at one of thousands of sunset photos.

Living room.
I never once sat on that couch.

Dining/ipadding area

Kitchen (the only thing we ever made in here was popcorn)

We've never had an apartment with stairs before!

Upstairs bedroom area

Upstairs desk area
Found a local grocery store and a farmers market...

Our local chain supermercado.
Not a nightclub.
It's not Union Square, but it'll do
Our neighborhood heladeria and a medialuna take-out window....

Dave enjoys a conito (the smallest ice cream size available) at the esquina de helados
(our name for the nearby intersection that boasts TWO delicious ice cream shoppes)
Baking my delicious breakfast treats

Mmmmmm.... these guys are made with shortening and salt.
Double mmmmmm.... and these guys are made with butter and then glazed
A local steak joint....

Token green stuff on the side

A laundry and a gym

You should see the women who work out here, wow.
I've never seen Dave so excited to hit the gym
(a good thing, given the helado, medialunas and steaks mentioned above)

We like it here so much that we've already opened our own business!

As usual, Jesse brings home the bacon
(or in this case, the bife de chorizo)


  1. FYI - We sat on that couch and it was quite comfy! You picked a nice neighborhood.

  2. Wow, the apartment looks so nice! Must be great to take a break from packing/repacking every few days.

  3. the conita looks yummy. I bet dave is enjoying every drop every day.

    the breads look great! i can smell it from here.

  4. Wow, those flaky buttery croissants look sooooooo good, I hope you have one every morning. I also forgot to tell you how much I love the new banner of you guys horseback riding - what a great shot! It should say, JDMesh: La aventura comienza! And then you can change the language as you travel?

  5. It was a great neighborhood and apartment and we reallly enjoyed settling down for the month! And the medialunas were deeeelish


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