Monday, October 18, 2010

Week One Daily Journal

We have been keeping a ¨brief¨ record of what we've been doing each day of our trip and we will post it every week or so in case you're interested.  (It's kind of boring, and we don't really expect anyone beyond our parents, sisters and Sam to read it regularly, so don´t feel obligated to leave your usual witty comments).

Friday, October 1
Santiago, Chile

Arrived in Santiago after a totally painless flight. Dave slept the entire time other than the 3 1/2 hours it took us to watch four episodes of The Shield season 1. We're staying at the Pure Lounge hostel in a nice but small private room with a private bathroom next door. After an obligatory "first drink of the trip" beer, we headed out to explore our neighborhood of Bellavista. We shared a few mediocre empanadas for lunch and then took the funicular up Cerro San Cristobal where we visited a pretty church and checked out the giant statue of the Virgin Mary. When Jesse fell asleep sitting upright on the marble steps, we figured our sightseeing for the day was over, and headed back to the hostel to nap (not a problem despite the blaring techno music playing outside our window). Dinner was tasty grilled fish at deep blue- when we arrived at 9 the place was totally empty but when we left at 10:30 there was a line out the door. Like the elderly almost 30 year olds that we are, we bypassed the many bumping bars and went back to the hostel to do some trip planning and then go to sleep.

Saturday, October 2
Santiago, Chile

We slept for almost 12 hours (and missed our free breakfast)! After a quick bite at a random olde time deli sort of place we spent the day exploring the centro area - the presidential palace, courts of justice, plaza de armas etc. We had a late lunch at Don Augusto at the mercado central, a huge fish market overflowing with tables of Chilean families having a saturday afternoon lunch (see post Mercado Central) and then headed back to the hostel via some other market. After relaxing and internetting we grabbed the backpack and walked to the nearest supermarket to load up on food for Easter Island (everyone we had spoken to about it said that was a must) and then grabbed a cappuccino and cortado. For dinner we enjoyed some tasty empanadas at Empanatodos, a tiny hole in the wall empanada joint. Back at the hostel we headed to the courtyard to listen to our new friend from Dubai, the amateur DJ, spin trance and house music.  Is this spring break 2003? He was (unfortunately) still going strong when we went to bed.

Sunday, October 3
Santiago, Chile & Easter Island, Chile

When our alarm went off at 5:30 we were wide awake listening to the party going on in the courtyard outside our room. The flight to EI was uneventful and Cecelia picked us up at the airport and took us back to Residencial Taniera, where we settled into our room, had a delicious juice from the fruit growing in the yard, and met the resident dog and cat. We ate our lunch of salami, cheese, crackers and apples (brought from the mainland) down at the soccer pitch while some locals played, and then checked out the Moai close to town, and the town itself, during a VERY long walk. It was pouring when we got back so we we were just starting to get settled on the covered porch when Dave closed the outer door, locking us out of the room without our shoes or any rain gear. Eventually he was forced to run barefoot through the yard in the pouring rain to summon Cecelia to our rescue. We had more salami, cheese and crackers until Dave fell asleep at 8:30. Jesse stayed up and finished a book.

Monday, October 4
Easter Island, Chile

Breakfast was included at the Residencial, and was bread, cheese, turkey and homemade jam, banana cake and fruit juice, all from fruit growing in Ceclia's garden. We spent about 4 hours on a horseback riding trip up to the volcano with great views of the island. Dave's horse was Roja and Jesse's was Manga. They loved to gallop right next to each other and smash our legs together. We split a very tasty atun y queso empanada from the green stand for lunch (there are 3- blue, green and yellow- by the soccer field in town).
Reenacting the pollo attack
We showered up and were sitting on the porch when a chicken, chased by the resident dog, flew past Jesse's head like a bullet and smashed into the glass behind her. It then ran into our room and Jesse accordingly ran to block it's path, but slipped and ate it on the hard patio floor. By the time we determined her wrist was not re-broken, the pollo was nowhere to be found so we assumed it had fled during the chaos. About an hour later we hard some strange clucking and found it hiding behind the drapes! Anyway, before dinner we hit the Internet cafe, and then walked forever to go to Cecelia's recommendation, TaKuVuvu for delicious fish and a postre of banana flambé.

Tuesday, October 5
Easter Island, Chile

Today we did a full day tour with Esteban. (See post Rapa Nui Wrappa Uppi).  After the tour, Dave grabbed a tuna and cheese empanada at Esteban´s favorite place, Tia Berta, and we returned to Residencial Taniera only to run right back out to try to catch the sunset over the Moai just outside of town. We didn't make it so we hung out at the playground like a couple of delinquents, eating cheese and drinking wine (out of the bottle since we didn't have glasses), and then hit Te Moana for dinner.

Wednesday, October 6
Easter Island, Chile

This morning the jam and cake were especially delicious - guava lemon jam, and passionfruit cake. At 11am we headed out on a hike to the Rano Kau volcano and Orongo ceremonial village ruins. Along the way, we were stopped by two men in a pickup truck who flashed a badge, told us they were the police, and asked to see our passports. When we said that we had left them in our hotel they immediately told us to forget it and drove away. Weird scam; when we told Cecelia about it later she said we was going to call the police (the bigger story here, however, is the fact that we managed to explain the situation to her in español!).  After Rano Kau and Orongo we hit up Ana Kai Tangata (see post Rapa Nui Wrappa Uppi).  Back in town, we shared a tuna sandwich from one of the beachside stalls (it came with avocado, tomato, lettuce and, of course, canned green beans). Then Jesse wrote some blog entries while Dave headed back out for the sunset shots he had missed the day before (although please note that the photo to the right was taken by J). That evening we went to Te Ra'ai for a traditional Rapa Nui meal of fish, chicken, pork and beef wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in a hole in the ground covered by hot rocks, and a singing and dance performance by a Rapa Nui dance troupe. It was touristy but fun. (see post Full Cultural Immersion)

Thursday, October 7

Easter Island, Chile

Today we took care of business, and ate small yet unhealthy meals. Indeed, nothing green was consumed today. The day involved a lot of internetting, coffees and ice cream (shared for health), a ¨small¨ order of papas fritas ahi ahi at the yellow stand, a tuna y queso empanada at the blue stand, and dinner of leftover salami, cheese and (unfortunately, unknowingly) bran crackers.  Thankfully we managed to fit in a quick workout.


  1. It will be my pleasure to read these "boring (not) blogs. I love every blog entry, the weeklies give me a great wrap up and the individual ones make me smile and laugh with great regularity, which is a good thing. Your trip continues to sound amazing and your eating adventures are halarious. Love, Mom

  2. I have no witty comments, but I also don't find these boring. Especially when it is raining in Manhattan and I am sitting at my desk. I miss you both and envy every empananda you eat!

  3. A man on vacation from Chile bought dad's entire wardrobe circa 1990 at the garage sale. Did you guys see him?

  4. I must say, the photographs are looking more and more professional.

  5. I unfortunately have nothing witty to add but I do love reading your blog. It continues to make me smile and laugh. Love you both, Risa

  6. Lynda, Riaa -- glad to know what we think is funny is actually funny!

    Luc-- wait until you hear about the SIX empanadas Dave had for lunch today.

    Zo-- Hahahaha. I think we saw 100 of him. There is some interesting fashion down in the southern hemisphere.

    Dad- dave says, "imagine how they'd look with a nikon lens". Haha

  7. I agree with all of the posts above - these are great! I can't wait to read them for the next 11 months. It's like my new favorite show and I know it's not going on hiatus or getting canceled.

  8. Hahaha...ditto to Jo's comment! I'd also like to say that thank god you didn't break your wrist again. Otherwise, you would have been fully entitled to kill that chicken and eat him for dinner.


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