Saturday, October 16, 2010


We spent two laid-back days in Valparaiso, Chile, an old port town, staying at the very nice Hostal Portobello and wandering through the hilly, labrynthine streets of the old town.  This is a city known for its tasty food, funiculars and back staircase alleys, and graffiti, murals and other street art, and is best described through photos:

The houses are brightly painted.

They really nailed the ¨distressed¨ look.  It´s because its real.
Yeah, leaned on the saturation button a little heavily, but its still nice.
The funicular up to our hostal.

Its well worth the $0.60 (USD).
The streets were lined with local art.

The Brighton Hotel - whose great locale and cheerful paint job made their drinks too rich for our blood.

Chile´s Navy Building

It is still a working port city.  We heard them working all night.

Hostel Portobello.  Jesse.  A far walk down (and even worse walk back up!).

My friend at the fish market.  He said, ¨Chris Farley?¨  

A non-descript alleyway with a large line leading into a dingy looking restaurant.  Sounds delicious.  Stay tuned.

Cityscape.  At least its not another sunset shot.

There were lots of street murals.  This is a level 2 mural.  (Inception joke.  Get it?  The cat?  BJTT?)

More street art.

Uggggh, just looking at the steps makes me legs hurt.

Street art.  All bottle caps.
My artist vision, executed.  Slowly learning the D90.
Goodnight Valpo.


  1. Dave would like our readers to know that although it says that this post was posted by me, he wrote all the photo captions.

  2. Ha! Makes me miss you guys even more. It looks amazing!! Xx

  3. I like the "JDMesh" in the corner of each photo - so professional - new career? Did you eat any avocado and celery salads in Valpo? Those were my favorites!

  4. Ha I love the fish man! Beautiful pics, guys. Was the hill up to your hostel better or worse than Beach Street?

  5. Mags- it was pretty cool!

    Dan - Dave is glad to hear that it lends a professional flair, since I was very anti-watermark. No avocado and celery salads in Valpo, but i have been eating avocado and hearts of palm salads everywhere in Chile and Arg- love it

    Sam- ha- much shorter but wayyyyy steeper - there were steps cut into the side of the street!

  6. "Good night Valpo" is a "nice" facsimile of Starry Night...Vincent is alive among the fish mongers! Very Cool!

  7. This looks like a real drag. I bet you wish you were back at 1 Bowling Green.

  8. Anonymous - is that you, Nigian Chou? How are those rice pots holding up?

  9. so gorgeous! looks like a more rustic San Francisco!! steps in the street are awesome..more helpful when you're walking down then up!! xoxo


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