Monday, October 4, 2010

The Return(s) of the Shoeball

The last time we discussed my footwear we discussed the sensitivity of my tow-balls, and how a large toe-box is important to me, to my feets, and to Jesse (as any discomfort in the toe-ball results in consistent complaining).  Her comment when I selected the Vasque’s that were slightly narrow was that the shoe shopping was not over, and a disbelief that those shoes would, in fact, be coming on our trip.  And as one would expect, she was 100% correct.

Within a few days I had continued shopping, and found another pair of Vasques that came in a wide model.  And, I even bought them locally (at a store called Dave’s no less!).  I tried them on in the store and they fit great, I tried them on at home, and they still fit great, and they are the actual winner for the shoeballs that joined me on this trip.*

They are the Vasque Mantra 7316 and they are excellent.  Pretty nice, right?  And to think, I purchased them in a real store, not online…

Don't let the conservative good looks of the Mantra fool you,
this is a hiking shoe, clubbin' shoe, tuxedo shoe, and sometimes a beach shoe.

Also of note are the superb socks I purchased.  The Thorlo Experia Merino Wool Multi Sport socks.  These are truly dreamy socks.  And while generally one might not include me in the group of “[h]igh performance runners, cyclists, hikers and fitness walkers” for whom this sock is designed, the ample cushioning in the ball and the heel along with the sheerness in the mid-foot makes also works really well for my more leisurely-paced strolling about…  The ultimate vindication, however, came this afternoon, when Jesse put them on and said, "wow, I love these socks - its like my feets are walking on air."  Indeed they are Jesse, indeed they are.

Just looking at this photo makes my feet "sing".

Next time I will tell you about the sandal I chose to bring on the trip.

* Thus, a big thanks is due to for their excellent free return shipping policy and our doormen for superbly handling so many online shopping rejects.


  1. Dave - this blog post (and specifically its label) confuses me a bit. Unless I've been caught in one of those Zack Morris "freeze" moments for the last few days, didn't you successfully pass from Pre-Trip into the Trip phase? Thus, as much as the comfort of your toe-balls is certainly of utmost importance, bring on the adventures! And bring out the gimp. Gracias.

  2. I agree with Sam. Post some trip stories, please! We want drama. intrigue. pictures. etc, etc.

  3. You are a great discusser. One question -- are these shoes/socks cleared for use in hard core parkuor?

    Previous poster "Joanna" sounds hot.

  4. Dave says -- My shoeballs are of the utmost importance to me. And should be to all of you. Trip updates can wait.


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