Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Fatter (But More Delicious) Latin J. Crew

In our second day in Valpo (having been locals for almost 2 whole days we can now call Valparaiso, Valpo), we 1) had our typical hostel breakfast of two slices of deli ham, two slices of non-descript cheese, and slice of bread,* 2) aimlessly wandered the city (as recommended by previous visitors and guidebooks) and 3) were beginning to feel a bit sorry for ourselves (i.e. Dave was hungry).  Turning discreetly to Paddy**, I quickly identified the “cheap eats” section and found what appeared to be my newest dream food: chorrillannas.

The restaurant where we were to eat chorrillannas was called J. Cruz.  Now, I have always enjoyed J. Crew - nice clothes & helpful*** employees – but it cannot compare to its far more delicious Latin cousin, J. Cruz.  We knew we were in the right spot when we saw a line of people standing at the end of a deserted alley. 

After our short wait we placed an order for a single order (for one person) of chorrillannas.  Chorrillannas are, of course, a heaping pile of French fries, topped with fried onions, scrambled eggs, and then a half pound of fried steak.  When the waitress finally dropped off our plate for one, I was in awe.

Now that is a (well-earned) sh*t eating grin.
The only thing that one could possibly add to this nearly perfect dish is cheese whiz.  Mmmmmm, cheese whiz.  As you can see, however, despite the not-as-of-yet-imported whiz, we had no problem with this deconstructed cheesesteak. (Dave´s note - the only reason the plate was not cleaned was Jesse´s shaming me into stopping with repeated questions, such as: ¨did you work out today?¨ or the always asked, but less relevant, ¨are you still hungry?¨, see also, Rapa Nui Wrappa Uppi¨Donde El Gordo¨).

Actual Camera Time
3:23:58 PM

Are we done?
3:35:16 PM

Not until we throw the white flag(s) of surrender.
3:36:58 PM
Nevertheless, it remains a total mystery how a) we ordered, but couldn´t wouldn´t finish the smallest dish J. Cruz offered, b) that all the Chileans got chorrillannos plates twice (or sometimes thrice) as large as ours, c) that the Chileans polished their plates off (and washed them down with a nice Escudo, the Chilean beer; for health, I happily took a Coca Light) and finally, e) the Chileans were somehow less fat than most Americans.  I mean, the place was jam packed.

And the best part was, the whole thing cost about the same as the co-pay to see my doctor, who, if I ever eat chorrillanas again, I am sure I will need to see.

JDMesh says:
Hauza J. Cruz.

(J. Cruz missed a double huaza because it (unsurprisinly) left us both with a mild stomache for the remainder of the day)
J, in J. Crew, in J.Cruz
(and looking less than thrilled with our lunch)

* Jesse's note -- Those of us who chose to eat the delicious fruit salad found our included breakfast to be quite tasty.  Dave´s note - Fruit salad?  Boooooooring.
**  We think, but are not sure, that our iPad (easily the most expensive item in our possession) looks like a plain old paper notebook, but still question whether it’s a good idea to pull it out to check our Lonely Planet (Kindle Edition) in the middle of the poor part of Valpo)
*** What what Ms. Marks

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