Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hoarders Season 4?

On Thursday, we moved all most a lot of our stuff to the Meshkov basement in Yardley.   For weeks prior, as the packing intensified, our apartment was looking a lot like the home of a serious hoarder.

Our.... living room?
I JOKE.  OMG, believe it or not, that was the least disgusting picture I could find on the A&E website.  

Our living room looked more like this:

Like any hoarder worth his junk, we sacrificed our couch for our boxes.
Looks like a lot of stuff right?  You're probably thinking that we need a 14 foot, maybe even a 16 foot moving truck to fit all those boxes.  (We are leaving all of our furniture and dishes for our subletter).

In the end we went for a 10 footer.  But a large SUV probably would have sufficed.

Our half-filled truck
Here we are with Giovanni, our "movers helper."  He was great and we highly recommend him, especially if anyone "has a healing broken wrist" and "cannot lift anything, doctors orders, I swear" - let us know if you want his contact information.  Note that only Dave is not wearing the professional movers helpers uniform of black pants and gray top.  I'm sure that does not surprise anyone.  He claims he had a "supervisory" role, and accordingly, dressed in the manager's blue on blue.

We got the truck from Budget, which required that we rent it for 2 full days, for reasons of drivers safety.  I almost can't believe that we drove the full 83 miles to Yardley in one go.  We didn't even have to stop overnight somewhere in Jersey to rest up.  (When we pointed out the absurdity of an 83 mile drive necessitating a two-day trip, the Budget representative replied, "This is a commercial vehicle.  You have to take it slow."  O-kayyyyy)

By the end of the day, and with the help of some Pennsylvania-based movers-helpers (who were just as good, but more camera shy), we managed to clear out our apartment, and turn Lynda and Steve's basement into their own shameful secret.
Lynda and Steve's basement.  I think there used to be a stationary bike under there.
Top Five Lessons From Our Move:

1. Alternate side parking is suspended for Sukkot.  Probably best to check on this before you count on being able to park your truck on your street in front of your building.

2.  A movers helper is much stronger than he looks.

3.  No Meshkov man will EVER, EVER, EVER become a movers helper.

4.  You will never be able to convince a rental truck company that it is possible to safely drive 83 miles in just one day.

5.  Um, what is all that stuff in those boxes and bags?  We don't even remember what we packed and stored, and we've been living without any of it for the past week without any problems. 


  1. My apartment looks like the first picture. Think there's a working Time Machine under there?

  2. Mags -- Dave hangs his head in shame.

  3. Lesson # 3 has been a well known fact for many generations!


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