Friday, August 13, 2010

No Old Baggage on this GT

In case you were not lucky enough to visit our apartment while it was doubling as a luggage warehouse, I've listed a few key statistics that should help you get a sense of what an easy, hassle-free process it was for us to pick out our luggage for the GT.
  • Number of recon visits to Paragon: 2
  • Number of bags ordered from eBags (round one): 12 (cost- $2,605)
  • Number of humongous boxes in which the bags were shipped: 10
  • Number of freakouts that Jesse's home was being overrun by the bag army: 2 (okay, 3)
  • Number of hours spent debating the merits of wheeled vs backpack, carry-on vs checked: felt like an eternity
  • Number of fruitless hours spent by Dave on the phone with eBags customer service, attempting to extend return period: 1
  • Number of bags returned to eBags: 12 (refund- $2,605)
  • Number of bags re-purchased from eBags for further consideration (rounds two & three): 8 (cost - $1,865)
  • Number of minutes it took Jesse to choose her bag, following receipt of round two: 10
  • Number of days it took Dave to choose his bag, following receipt of round three: 20
  • Number of (round two & three) bags returned to eBags: 6 (refund - $1,345)
  • Number of times Dave referred to his decision between a 25" bag and a 28" bag as a "Sophie's Choice": hundreds, maybe thousands
    • (Number of times Dave has seen the movie Sophie's Choice: 0)
  • Number of times Jesse has secretly worried how she will manage to fit all the shoes she needs but still have space to buy things: ongoing
  • Irony that the bag ultimately chosen was the first bag we liked at Paragon months earlier: high.  
  • Surprise that this was the case: low.
The Bag Army Conquers the Couch

So, after all of the internet shopping, review reading, test packing, mind changing, box shipping and soul searching of the last few months, we are excited to present to you:

We chose these handsome yet rugged 25" Osprey Sojourns for a number of reasons.   They're sturdy and well-made.  They're bigger than a carry on, but still a manageable size.  You can strap stuff to the outside.  Most importantly, however, they have both wheels and backpack straps, which means that Dave can sherpa my luggage and his own luggage at the same time!*

*This is very important because I intend to milk the broken wrist for all it's worth.

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  1. You guys always make me smile :). I am looking forward to smiling and laughing at many blogs in the months to come.
    Love, Mom


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